In Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki,  Ahana asks Tanuja(Kratika Sengar) about the wedding announcement. Tanuja says that he is not going to get married as only she is made for him.

Rishi(Sharad Malhotra) goes to Rano and says that he is ready to marry Naitra. Manpreet and Yuvi are discussing Rishi’s decision. Bauji is worried over their conversation but biji disregards it.  Rishi convinces Rano that he will leave Tanuja as she always insults her and has taken over the property as well. Rano is convinced and finally breaks her fast by eating.

Ahana tells Tanuja that she at times feels that she is her Tanu di. Rano goes to announce Rishi and Naitra’s roka. Biji makes fun of Naitra. Biji is worried seeing Rano happy. Manpreet goes to call Tanuja .

Rano insults Tanuja and says that their marriage cannot be elongated anymore. She says Rishi is ready to marry Naitra which shocks everybody.

Rishi tells Tanuja that she can say anything if she wants to which she says that she feels like dancing in the roka.

Bauji and biji try to ask Manpreet as to what  is going on but he escapes.(Also Read: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 21 April, 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Tanuja distraught at Rishi’s silence over the announcement)

Rishi and Tanuja get into an argument but Rishi still asks her to tell the truth and confess her feelings when Manpreet takes him away. Naitra comes there and Tanuja says that she’ll help her get ready today


Roka rituals are taking place in the house