Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) and Tanuja (Kratika Sengar) are flirting and laughing with each other. Rano and Netra decide to eavesdrop on Rishi-Tanuja to see if Rishi got Tanuja to sign the papers. Beeji sees them and decides to follow them. Rishi throws colours in his bedroom to irritate Tanuja and they play Holi in the room. They laugh with each other but it stops when Tanuja asks Rishi if he mixed bhaang in her thandai. He reluctantly agrees and she gets angry. Rishi and Tanuja act high and have nonsensical conversations. Tanuja drinks more of the bhaang thandai and Rishi stops her. She asks Rishi to say sorry but he refuses.

Eventually he gives in and says sorry but Tanuja asks him to do sit ups and apologise. Both of them keep saying sorry to each other and laugh. Suddenly Tanuja kisses Rishi on his cheek and continues laughing. Rano and Netra walk towards Rishi’s room followed by Beeji. Rishi and Tanuja discuss the kiss and she flirts with him. Suddenly the window opens and Tanuja panics. Rano and Netra are sitting by the windowsill eavesdropping. Rano tells Netra the entire plan and Beeji overhears the entire thing. Beeji decides to somehow tell Tanuja about Rishi’s intentions. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 21 March 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: After Raaj, Tanuja finds a support in Beeji)

Tanuja is running in the room screaming that she is flying. Rishi yells at her and she yells back. Just then, Tanuja sees three Rishis and acts crazier. Suddenly a song starts playing and she starts dancing with him. Beeji sees the papers in Rishi’s pockets and decides to call Raaj. Rishi is concerned about Tanuja and scolds her for dancing and falling. Tanuja then promises to do whatever Rishi asks her to do. He smiles and asks her to sleep. She holds his hand and sleeps. He gets up to leave but she pulls him back asking him to not leave her.

They promise each other that they will never leave each other. He admires her as she falls asleep and wishes she had told him all this when she was sober.