In Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, Rishi(Sharad Malhotra) goes to Rano and questions her about her announcement saying he is still married but she is adamant on his marriage with Naitra. Rishi outright refuses and says he will leave the house to which Rano threatens him back saying she will leave the house too and die. He is adamant on not getting married. Rano tells him to perform some rituals right now and some after the divorce but Rishi is adamant. Rano locks herself in her room.

Tanuja(Kratika Sengar) is worried that Rishi is angry at her and is going to marry Naitra. Bauji consoles her and says he won’t let it happen.

Naitra is talking over phone when Malaika spots her. She tells her that Rishi will do exactly what he did to her. She then tells her that she would support her and they shake hands. Malaika leaves then.

Tanuja is crying in front of bauji saying that she couldn’t tell him that she loved him. He leaves then.  Naitra is worried if Rishi will refuse her for marriage. (Also Read: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 20 April, 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Rishi and Tanuja are shocked over Rano’s announcement)

Yuvi tries to console Rishi when Manpreet comes in saying that Tanuja is actually in love with him. He advises him to make her jealous by saying yes to Naitra and Rishi considers it. Bauji plans on telling the truth to everybody that Tanuja did everything as advised by him. He tells Ahana everything when she asks.

Biji consoles Tanuja when they realise that bauji is about to tell the truth to Rishi. Rishi goes to meet Rano and Raj goes to meet Rishi. Biji tells Raj that Rishi is going to Rano to refuse marriage. Rano and Naitra are sitting together when Naitra leaves the room.  Rishi tells Naitra that he will marry her.


Tanuja talks to Ahana saying that she is made for Rishi for this life and every life. She goes on to say that she sometimes feels like she is Rishi’s Tanu