Karan Johar lost out a friend in Kajol when he decided enough is enough. He didn’t like certain things that happened between the two and the director is clear, he will not reconcile with her. It’s over. But Kajol isn’t the only one Karan had a problem with. There were reports that he had a fall out with with Shah Rukh Khan as well. But later things got sorted and now, they are not only BFFs but co-producers of movies as well. So when he was asked to talk about his supposed spat with SRK, Karan said that they are just bumps and nothing else. (Also read: Karan Johar says I will marry Shah Rukh Khan and kill Sidharth Malhotra and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan)

Karan was talking to Barkha Dutt at an event when he was asked about both Kajol and SRK. Talking about his feud with the latter, Karan said, “Like any close relationship, there is so much love in that relationship”. He considers it a minor bump in their friendship. Check out his full confession right here.

If you are wondering what exactly went wrong between the two, an excerpt from his book The Unsuitable Boy can answer your query. He wrote, ““Shah Rukh is a very possessive friend. I think I may have hurt him when I made a film without him. After I made the film without him, he didn’t give me that paternal or fraternal feeling that I had from him otherwise. I think we were two hurt friends for no reason.” So how did the patch up happen? Well, Piku’s success party is the answer to that. Karan writes, “I hugged him instinctively and said, ‘I’ve missed you’. And he said, ‘You’ve no idea how much I’ve missed you’. We had this moment.”