Are you upset with the news that Kapil Sharma’s episode has been scrapped from Koffee With Karan 5? Well, worry not for there’s still hope that the episode will soon be aired! You heard that right, has reported that the news of Kapil’s episode being dropped is false and that it’ll definitely be out soon. The source was quoted saying, “This (the episode getting dropped) is not at all happening. The show is, in fact, ending with Kapil’s episode. The promo will be out tomorrow, and the episode will air on March 5.” Ah, isn’t that a relief to hear? Although neither of the celebs have reacted to the news yet, we’d like to know what their say on it and whether they have had a fall out.

The rumour of the comedian’s episode being dropped from Karan Johar‘s famous talkshow started very recently when portals put up the news. The reason was a supposed tiff that broke out between them, resulting in the episode being canned! The news also suggested that Karan thought the episode wasn’t entertaining enough, because of which, he wanted to put it on hold.

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Their friendship hit a rough patch at a recent awards show, according to sources who stated that KJo was miffed when Kapil called him his assistant and dissed him along with Shah Rukh Khan. Similarly, the comedian was upset with the filmmaker for asking rather personal questions in the episode of Koffee. A source told DNA, “Karan asked him how come he took to Twitter so early in the morning? Didn’t he have a girlfriend with whom he could spend the time instead? Kapil was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. He told Karan he is not comfortable answering such questions. He also commented that he himself never asks such things to his guests when they come on his show. Also, since Kapil is not very fluent in English, he would have been fearing how it would be interpreted.”

Damn, too much drama no? Let’s just hope we get to see the said promo that they the source has confirmed. What are your thoughts on this sudden fallout between Karan and Kapil? Tell us in the comments section below. Also, stay hooked to this space for hot scoop from tinsel town!