Here’s a shocking new update on Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover’s ugly fallout. While everyone is under the impression Kapil-Sunil will never patch up. Raju Srivastav, who is equally close to both the comedians, reveals how Kapil is indeed hopeful of Sunil’s return to The Kapil Sharma Show. Yes, Raju in interaction with Indian express spilled the beans saying, “When I asked him about it last week, he said, “We will sit and talk and things will sort out. ‘Do-do peg maarenge, sab sahi hojayega,’ he joked with me.” Can you believe it? In fact, Raju even confessed how he has been trying hard to sort things out between Kapil and Sunil but as per the current situation, Sunil seems to be very angry. He said, “Whenever I have texted him in these days, his replies have been such, ‘Paaji I am travelling. I will tell you everything when we will meet.’ Ali and Chandan also agree with Sunil as they say that Kapil has changed now. He is not how he used to be earlier. There’s no update on their return as well.” Also read: Sunil Grover is MISSING The Kapil Sharma Show, reveals an insider

However, considering Raju has already replaced Sunil on The Kapil Sharma Show, he clarified, “There’s no agreement signed regarding me joining the show but when I shot it last week, Kapil told me he enjoyed working with me and would like to call me again. Then I shot yesterday. Again Kapil said, ‘I really like your style. I have a script tailor-made for you.’ So, I am going to shoot today as well. In fact, talks are already done for the next one. I am working on the show and it is for a long haul. I have my own style and my own audience. Makers are planning to create a character for me like there are for other artistes on the show. Whenever they will want me, I will come on the show. Kapil is like a younger brother and it can never happen that he calls me and I don’t oblige. In fact, it is a possibility that if Sunil is back on the show, I will be there and we will all perform together.”

Do you think Sunil will let bygones be bygones and return on The Kapil Sharma Show? Or it is the end of Kapil-Sunil friendship? You can draw your conclusions in the comments below and keep watching this space for more updates on this hot story.