Looks like there’s no end to controversies surrounding Kapil Sharma. While he’s already trying to recover from his ugly fight with Sunil Grover and his fellow mates Ali Asgar, Chandan Prabhakar. A stand-up comedian has now accused Kapil of shamelessly ‘lifting a joke’ and using it as ‘his original’ on the 100 th of The Kapil Sharma Show. Yes, This certain comedian who goes by the name Abijit Ganguly has penned down a lengthy Facebook post slamming Kapil and his team of plagiarism. Also read: Sunil Grover calls Kapil Sharma a  great comedian; who makes India laugh

Backing his facts right, Abijit took up to Facebook and wrote, “One of the jokes in the routine is an observational joke on how from from Kapil Dev to Zaheer Khan (citing some other names, such as Harbhajan Singh, Srinath, Kumble) all successful Indian bowlers have been co-incidentally younger brothers, leading to the punch of ‘Do you realise how weird it is that India’s bowling strength depends on the fact that elder brothers never let younger brothers ever bat’. I have been doing this bit for over three years now and most people who have ever been to my show in the last three, would have heard this. And modesty aside, many have told me that this was one of their favourite jokes. Yesterday, at around 10:30 PM, I suddenly got a message from a friend on FB who said that my younger brother bowler joke had been lifted in The Kapil Sharma Show. Someone also tweeted out to me informing me of the same.I was genuinely flustered but still wanted to check before drawing any conclusions. Having checked online, I am disappointed and gutted to see that they have indeed done that.”

Here, check out the post below:



While it’s left to see how Kapil will react to this allegation. However, Arjun is not going to spare Kapil until he either issues a public apology admitting he lifted the joke or responds to his message with a stronger argument. “No Kapil Sharma, plagiarism is not OK. It is not OK to do this. It is not OK to lift a man’s joke and do it on national TV where millions will now think you goddam wrote that joke, and if I am to ever perform it, it comes off as I lifted it. I am feeling angry, and helpless. I just hope there can be enough noise around this, so that it doesn’t happen anymore with anyone else”, concludes Abijit in his angry post.

Does this mean Kapil is falling short of jokes without his partner in crime Sunil Grover? Is Kapil really resorting to lifting jokes from other comedians? You can drop your thoughts in the comments below and keep watching this space for more updates.