Kangana Ranaut knows how take any challenge head on, be it a game of ‘Fishing for answers’, a tough role in a movie or a legal notice. We don’t really need to remind you of the last one. Do we? We were pretty shocked when the entire Kangana Ranaut-Hrithik Roshan legal mess played out. We saw one very easy breezy Kangana handle the situation with utmost gut and calmness. But turns out she was just as shocked as all of us. In an interview with Rajeev Masand, the actress played a round of ‘Fishing For Answers’. The same game in which Deepika Padukone gave some fiery answers a few weeks back. Now, in her turn, Kangana did not disappoint either.

One of the chits that Kangana fished out from the bowl, had the question “When was the last time you were shocked?” We would have least expected Kangana to talk about her controversial legal mess as an answer to this. But interestingly, the actress said, “Last time I was shocked? When I got a legal notice…for falling love!” She followed her answer with a set of facial expressions that perfectly summed up what she felt when she received the notice. We can assume that she is talking about Hrithik, unless there is someone else who sent her a legal notice for falling in love.

This video is a part of month old interview, that the channel holder decided to publish now. Well, we are thankful. Here, watch Kangana fish out for controversy:

About two months back Kangana had said in an interview that sharing a cottage with Shahid Kapoor while filming Rangoon was a nightmare. Though she said this in a good gist, it was not taken humorously. Shahid responded in our interview by saying “She has a vivid imagination.” A day later, Kangana hit back at him, while talking to us and said “That [statement] he has borrowed from Hrithik. It is completely borrowed and Hrithik should have a copyright of this statement.” We wonder when this controversy is ever going to die.