After a series of controversies, linkup rumours and struggle, Kangana Ranaut finally talks about settling down. When asked if she is ready to get married soon, the actress told Hindustan Times,” Yes, it’s true. The kind of world we live in, the whole dating scene has become very upsetting. Everyone is looking above everyone’s shoulders in a bid to find a better ‘partner’. There has to be a commitment in a relationship. And dating is frivolous, no matter how intense it is, as there’s no real sense of commitment. So, I would want to go the serious way. That’s what I plan and I will do it this year. It’s very hard to be single, especially when your family doesn’t live with you. There’s no one watching your back and you really cannot rely on anyone.”

Well, that’s good news, we suppose! Though the actress never mentioned if she has already found that someone she wants to start her own family with, we’re pretty excited to find out about the mystery man. Kangana adds,” People find it surprising that I am young and I don’t have to get married now. However, I don’t think career and marriage are interlinked. Age has nothing to do with marriage. But I turn 30 this March and I should have babies (she laughs). Even marriage is not important for babies but to have a family of your own is everyone’s dream. One can get lonely in the film world, especially when you are an actor.” (ALSO READ: Kangana Ranaut kickstarts promotions of Rangoon in a CHIC Fendi outfit – view HQ pics)

We’re glad that Kangana is finally ready to settle down and we couldn’t be more excited to see her tie the knot. We are, however, curious if she has already found her perfect match. Kangana did not mention anything about seeing someone or being in a relationship with anyone. So will it be an arranged marriage for Kangana Ranaut? The actress will next be seen in Rangoon opposite Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. Are you excited about Kangana’s marriage plans? Post you thoughts in the comments below and stay hooked with us for more.