More trouble for Kamal Haasan as a court at Valliyoor (Tamil Nadu) has now summoned the South superstar for his derogatory remarks against the Hindus. It all started after the actor allegedly demeaned Hindu women during a March 12 interview with a Tamil news channel. Turns out he was questioned about violence against women, particularly in the film industry when he said, “People in this country even read books like the epic Mahabharat, wherein ‘even a woman was pledged in gamble, as a bet,’ an apparent reference to Paanchali and Pandavas. While a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed against Kamal Haasan by Hindu Munani Katchi (HNM) soon after. Haasan has now been asked to appear before the court on May 5. Also read: Kamal Haasan gets threatened to apologize after passing ‘insulting’ comments on Mahabharat

While speaking to Hindustan Times, President of  HMK said, “Kamal Haasan has been repeatedly taking an anti-Hindu stand and it has increased during the recent times. He has needlessly criticised Mahabharat, which is a revered epic of the Hindus along with Ramayana. Can he dare to talk in an insulting manner about Islam or Christianity and Bible and Quran? There will be a massive campaign against Kamal Haasan if he does not apologize and withdraw his comments. Actually he has been a serial offender and we demand action be taken against him.”

It was only recently activists of Akhila Hindu Mahasabha (AHM) tore posters of Kamal Haasan for his remarks against politicians. The organisation submitted a memorandum with the Tamil Nadu district collector for remarks against politicians and the state government.

In reference to the same case, Pranavananda Swami from the Basaveshwara Mutt too have filed a police complaint against Haasan, demanding an apology from the actor. Parvananda Swami had told PTI, “It is unbecoming of actor Kamal Haasan to hurt the sentiments of any religious community, including Christians and Muslims. He has been in the thick of controversies even in the past, and we demand he should apologise.”

Now it’s left to see how Kamal Haasan will apologise or no. Your thoughts?