Pranavananda Swami of Basaveshwara Mutt in Karnataka today flayed actor Kamal Haasan for his alleged insulting remarks on ‘Mahabharat’ and demanded an apology from him.”It is unbecoming of actor Kamal Haasan to hurt the sentiments of any religious community, including Christians and Muslims. He has been in the thick of controversies even in the past, and we demand he should apologise,” Parvananda Swami told PTI here.

The actor allegedly made the remarks during a March 12 interview to a private Tamil television channel. While responding to a question about violence against women, particularly in the film industry, Kamal had said in this country, people read even books like the epic Mahabharat, wherein ‘even a woman was pledged in gamble, as a bet,’ an apparent reference to Paanchali.

Pranavananda Swami said the actor had always been in news for “hurting” the sentiments of religious communities and threatened to take legal action if he did not apologise for the controversial remarks.”He should apologise in next three days, or else he must face legal action,” he said. A complaint has been filed against Kamal Hassan in a court in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu by Hindu Makkal Katchi over his remarks about Mahabharatha.

The Judicial Magistrate in Valliyur, Senthil Kumar, directed police to investigate the complaint by Athinathasundaram, president of the city-based Anju Grama traders association on March 21. Athinathasundaram is also secretary of the Narumboonathar temple devotees federation. The judicial magistrate directed police to investigate the case and file a report at the earliest.