Justin Bieber won’t be coming to India alone on May 7. That much is sure. Earlier this week, it was revealed that Harry Potter actress Elarica Johnson would host the 23-year-old Grammy-winning superstar on the India leg of his Purpose World Tour. We now hear from sources in the know that Burberry model and L’Oreal ambassador, British-Indian supermodel Neelam Gill will be one of the beauties accompanying Bieber to India.

Says a source, “Neelam will arrive in India as one of JB’s guests. We’ve been told that she’s an avid music aficionado and loves attending live concerts and is looking forward to exploring different fashion and entertainment opportunities that India has to offer.”

The first British Indian model to star in a Burberry campaign, the 21-year-old has also worked alongside another music superstar, Kanye West for a leading international sports brand in the past and is friends with music producer Naughty Boy. Her YouTube channel has her chatting on the effects of bullying, depression, body image and racism, something she admits she encountered throughout her life, in interviews. Also Read: Harry Potter star Elarica Johnson to host Justin Bieber’s India tour concert

When asked, Arjun Jain, director, White Fox India (the company bringing Justin down to India) neither confirms nor denies what we’ve heard, but instead, maintains, “The Purpose tour is India will be represented by a mix of Hollywood and Bollywood personalities. There has been a lot of global interest in the tour and we are happy to host global names on our tour and open up relevant opportunities for the whole global crossover.”

Fashion labels and filmmakers, are you listening?