Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain is recently in buzz for her latest movie ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’. Releasing on April 21, by PVR Pictures, the movie revolves around a real life hero Antonina Zabinski (played by Jessica), who saved the lives of many Jews by hiding and sheltering them in the Zoo, managed by her husband Jan Zabinski. The book on which the movie is based mentions that Antonina used to play Piano to send an all-clear signal to the Jews in hiding so that they can come out in air. And when Chastain got this part, she grabbed the opportunity to learn piano and cultured herself for 2 months to learn playing the musical instrument before the shoot began.

Jessica comments, “I was fascinated at how the healing that she tried to provide for the guests included a strong musical component. She was a classically trained pianist, and I wanted to convey how she was keeping that as a beacon for people, the pride and the culture.” Chastain seems well interested in such opportunities as she earlier had learned small Chopin piece for a movie. We also hear that she continues her piano lessons even after the shoot was complete. Now that’s some dedication! (ALSO READ: Did you know? Jessica Chastian FOUGHT for The Zookeeper’s Wife co-star Johan Heldenbergh)

The film is set to release this week in India. The premise of the movie is based on the true events that took place in Poland, in the year 1939 (second World War), when the Germans took over and demanded termination of Jews. One brave woman, and the wife of a Zookeeper, came to the rescue of several Jews, as she helped them escape the cold hearted murder. For all those who wish to watch the film, we’re conducting a contest where you can win free tickets! All you gotta do is answer the questions we’ve posted on our Facebook page! Stay tuned to this space for hot scoop and latest updates.