Little did Gurmehar Kaur know that her one video would cause such an uproar among the social media, dividing both common  public and celebs either in her support or for bashing her. She had posted a video of hers holding a placard where the Kargil martyr’s daughter wrote that ‘Pakistan did not kill her father… War did…’. The main problem started when former Indian batsman Virender Sehwag trolled her on twitter by posting another pic where he mentioned that it was not he who hit two triple centuries, but his bat. This is turn was appreciated by actor Randeep Hooda and wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt. These celebs were later slammed by Gurmehar’s supporters for using their social media following to mock the girl’s campaign.

Later, lyricist Javed Akhtar wrote a tweet, where he slams both Sehwag and Yogeshwar Dutt by saying ‘If a hardly literate player or a wrestler troll a pacifist daughter of a martyr its understandable but whats wrong with some educated folks’. Perhaps that educated folk jibe was directed towards Randeep Hooda. However, his rant on Yogeshwar and Sehwag has left many people displeased, especially wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat, on whose life Aamir Khan’s Dangal is based on.

Phogat wrote on Twitter, “I spent a lifetime trying to win medals for this country, and they didn’t spare a moment to call me illiterate. There’s no man more knowledgeable than the one who has dedicated his life to the nation. Jai Hind.”

यहाँ उम्र बीत गयी देश को मेडल दिलाने में,
और वो एक पल नहीं लगाते अनपढ़ बताने में।@Javedakhtarjadu

— Mahavir Phogat (@MahabirPhogat) February 28, 2017

अपने आप को देश के प्रति समर्पण करने वाला व्यक्ति से ज्यादा ज्ञानी अपनी मातृभूमि पर कोई नहीं होता ।
जय हिंद।@Javedakhtarjadu

— Mahavir Phogat (@MahabirPhogat) February 28, 2017

Even Yogeshwar Dutt reacted to Javed Akhtar’s tweet speaking to DNA, “You’ve written poems and stories. I’ve also done some small things, like making history for India on an international stage.”

Wonder when this mess will end…