Looks like Salman Khan has quite a plan in place for his (ex)- girlfriend Iulia Vantur. I mean, although he is still unsure about marriage or say for that matter he’s not even certain if he can introduce Iulia as his girlfriend at the moment but that doesn’t mean he’s not holding her back in the industry. Didn’t we all just see how he launched her as a singer opposite Himesh Reshammiya recently? Or say for that matter Iulia, despite being a newbie, even got a chance to share the stage with Shah Rukh Khan as one of the presenters at a famous award show. So it comes as no surprise that the Romanian beauty has further been picked to walk the runway at the upcoming Mumbai Fashion Week. Yes! Also read: Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur play perfect hosts to Tubelight star kid Matin Rey Tangu  – view HQ pics

As per Mumbai Mirror report, a Middle-East fashion retailer has officially commissioned Iulia to model for them. Now we dunno if Salman is the man behind cracking this deal or is it a result of Iulia’s popularity in the Middle East but it would be really awesome if Khan makes it to this fashion week and cheers for Iulia from the front row. Now that would be one helluva sight, isn’t it? Nevertheless, one cannot forget Iulia too is a renowned name with a Romanian show – The Farm to her credit. Call her an anchor/host/model/singer – Iulia is definitely making a way to explore all her interests and with this Fashion runway coming up, it only proves Salman’s girl is here to stay and show her worth.

Reminds us of the time when Iulia had spoken at length about Salman and India stating, “As I said, we are very good friends. More than that what can I say? There is a lot of respect for him. It is because of him I met India! And I love India. I always wanted to come here since I was a kid because I used to read so many stories about India and was very fascinated. So at the right time, I reached here. And the first feeling I had when I stepped on this land was like home. The energy, the vibe of this place was so good and so welcoming. And honestly, when I left from India, I cried. I cried because I didn’t want to leave this land. But life brought me here back. So I am happy for that. There were rumours that I didn’t like India or its culture but I am telling you that’s it’s not correct. I love this place, I love the people and I am grateful to all the people I have met here.”

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