Ishqbaaz starts with Anika (Surbhi Chandna) almost colliding with Kamini. The latter manages to escape but Anika senses some suspicious activity. Kamini (Amrapali Gupta) was moving Soumya (Nehalaxmi Iyer) to some other place. Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) makes fake Shivaay, Mahi drink more bhang. Real SSO sees this and says this guy looks like my complete carbon copy. Anika comes and applies colour on Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta). She says this is our Holi after marriage. Anika says you did not apply colour on me. He says I did not bring colours with me. She says you have no sense of planning. He brings her close and plays cheek to cheek Holi with her. He wishes her Happy Holi and hugs her. Shivaay says boys are smart. They do not need planning. He asks are you blushing. Shivaay sees that her cheeks are pink. SSO says you cry irrespective of whether you are happy or sad. She says I am feeling bad. Anika says this is our first Holi post marriage and we are meeting slyly. She says you’re away from your family. He says you are here, you’re my family. Anika says this is happening because of the duplicate. He tells her to be quiet as he wants to spend some romantic moments with his wife.

Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) and Priyanka (Subha Rajput) worry about Soumya. They ask fake Shivaay and he says Moti. Rudra says did you talk to her? He says yes after Anika, Soumya is question Kumari. He calls her a fatso. He says Soumya was asking about my eyes. Priyanka asks did she say something at all? Fake Shivaay is too drunk to answer properly. They say she did not come to the temple. Fake Shivaay says she asked too many questions and I disposed her off. Kamini reaches there and is worried. She has Soumya’s phone with her and sends a message to Priyanka that she has gone to Pune for an emergency. Real Shivaay tells Anika to go and check in the room if everything is fine. While walking, Kamini collides with a table and gets hurt. Anika is not able to spot fake SSO and thinks if he has gone to Shivaay’s room.

Real SSO is looking for clues against the duplicate in his room. The fake one comes there and sees him. They look at each other. Mahi tells real Shivaay that he found the Holi party too boring. The real one thinks he is intoxicated and is seeing him as his alter ego. Mahi says these rich people harassed me. He says everyone here is annoying me to the hilt. Mahi says he finds Rudra odd. He says he feels he might be gay. Fake Shivaay says he feels Om is like a Japanese. He tells Shivaay that his name is Mahi. He also praises Om’s hair. Mahi says the Oberoi family is damn weird. He says they are too attached to each other. Mahi says he is envious of Shivaay. He says God has played a prank by giving him Shivaay’s looks but not his destiny. He has SSO has everything. Mahi says he has nothing. He reveals his illegitimate status.