Ishqbaaz starts with nurse coming in and telling Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) that he needs to be taken out for some tests. Shivaay asks her about the test, she inserts an injection in Shivaay’s drip. Omkara asks her about the test. Shivaay asks Anika (Surbhi Chandana) if she will ever leave him. Anika promises to not leave him. Nurse gives Rudra a list of medicines for SSO. They take Shivaay for tests. Pinky looks at Anika in anger. Anika looks at Shivaay being taken out of the hospital, she gets shocked and starts following the ambulance. While running behind the ambulance, Anika falls down on the road.

Pinky comes out of the car. Pinky humiliates Anika and tells her that she is a low life and her place in on the road. She warns Anika to never return in Shivaay’s life and leaves her on the road. Anika gets shocked. Pinky makes Shivaay sleeps in her room. OmRu asks Pinky why she didn’t tell them that she is bringing Shivaay home and brought him so secretively. Pinky tells them that she knows they took Anika to the hospital to meet Shivaay. She tells them, she doesn’t want Anika’s shadow on her son. OmRu request Pinky not to do this with Shivaay. Pinky gets annoyed on them and taunts them on Tej’s affair. Rudra tells her that he will stand for Shivaay’s right. Jhanvi tells OmRu to shut up. She tells them that Pinky is his mom and she knows best for him. She takes them away.

Pinky tells Shivaay that she won’t let anything happen to him and that his bad omen will also be gone like Anika. She promises Shivaay that she will not let anyone come between her and Shivaay. Anika talks to herself and promises Shivaay that she is always with him. Shivaay gets the dream of a gun shot and wakes up. He is restless and wonders where Anika is. She is walking on the streets when a car stops and Shivaay comes out of it. She gets shocked looking at him. Shivaay is about to fall and Anika handles him. Anika scolds Rudra for bringing him here. Shivaay asks Anika, why did she leave him. He tells her that her stubbornness will not do and she has to come with him. He pulls her. Anika tells him she can’t come with him. Pinky goes in the room, Soumya gets shocked. Soumya tries to convince Pinky to not wake Shivaay up. Pinky goes to put tilak on Shivaay’s face and sees Om sleeping there. She gets shocked. (Also read:Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar’s BIG LIE exposed – wedding video goes viral!)

Shivaay convinces Anika to come home with him. Anika denies saying that she does not want to ruin their family. Anika tells him that nothing is superior to parents and I don’t want to come between you and your parents. Anika says her return will break Pinky’s heart. Shivaay asks her that is she coming with him or not? Anika gets Pinky’s flashback and says no.  Shivaay leaves her hand and feels bad.