Ishqbaaz starts with Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) telling Anika (Surbhi Chandna) that he managed to escape by deactivating the electromagnetic field around the room. He says Khanna had already reached there as per your instructions. Anika says I would have died if something happened to you. Shivaay hugs her and caresses her face. He kisses her forehead. SSO asks her how did she come to know he was in problem. She narrates the incident from the time she got a bad dream. Anika says I felt very restless throughout. Anika says I will not spare that duplicate. She says how dare he pretend to be Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Anika says she will get him arrested. He tells her to stop getting hyper. Shivaay says we will not confront him. He says we need to find out who he is and who are the people supporting him? He says we need to reach the mastermind. He says we need to find out about his family. (Also Read: Ishqbaaz 29 March 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Anika meets Shivaay in the market and sees Mahi dancing in the slum)

SSO tells Anika that he needs her support. Mahi (Nakuul Mehta) spends the whole night in a balcony playing the harmonica. When he comes home, Kamini (Amrapali Gupta) reminds him that he needs to go to the Oberoi mansion and dispose off Soumya (Nehalaxmi Iyer). Kamini says I want more, and I am not satisfied with bangles worth ten crores. He says you only want the wealth, I want more. Fake Shivaay walks inside and sees Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo). Pinky also comes to him and says Oh My Mata, do you feel I would not know anything? Daadi comes there and says you did the unthinkable. Anika says you tried to hide the truth, but it prevailed. Shakti says why are you quiet? Rudra says I know you will lie but the truth is out. Anika says we know about your plan. He is stunned.

Rudra wishes him Happy Holi and Priyanka says we came to know that you planned a Holi bash for us. Priyanka says I know you planned a party for us. Fake Shivaay says the surprise is spoilt. Daadi says let us get ready for Holi. Anika says I have brought organic colours for Holi. Daadi tells him to get ready. Rudra cajoles Mahi to have bhaang in the party. He is reluctant but consumes it. Kamini also comes to the mansion to see if he has disposed off Soumya’s body properly. Mahi thinks he cannot apply colour on Anika as she is someone else’s wife. Balam Pichkari plays. The family dances away.

Kamini comes and finds Soumya’s body in the same place. She thinks Mahi is useless. In order to conceal her identity, Kamini applies lot of colour on her face. Mahi dances away.