Ishqbaaz begins with Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Sahil enjoying icecream in the kitchen. Pinky tells SSO that he is large-hearted to enjoy with a theif. Shivaay says this chapter is closed. Pinky tells him to get ready to do Lohri puja with Tia (Navina Bole). She says it is a family ritual. Daadi also comes and tells him to get dressed for the function. He asks Sahil with whom will he celebrate Lohri. Sahil says whom will you choose. He says I will do pooja wth the girl I married. Sahil says how will you convince her. He says I will do it in my tadibaaz manner. He says you did not get dressed, we have to do Lohri Pooja. Anika says won’t it hurt your respect to celebrate with a thief’s sister. He tells her that he has no time for nonsense. Anika says I will not go for Pooja. He says do not challenge me. She says what will you do? He comes closer and says do I need to explain this. Shivaay says do not force me to become SSO. He says do not make me old Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Anika says don’t you dare Sahil. He says he is in this house, do not challenge me. Anika says how can you do this after ensuring so much friendship and trust between us. SSO says I wish I can explain why I am doing all this for Om and maybe you will forgive me. Anika cries. He says come down in ten minutes.

Tia is also ready for the pooja and Pinky compliments her. She tells Tia to smile. Tia says I was thinking what if SSO celebrates Lohri with Anika. Pinky says I will show her the right place. Anika remembers his words and gets tensed for Sahil. She rushes to him and says Shivaay. Anika says I do not want to do puja with that Bhagaad Billa. Sahil says maybe is stressed about something, please forgive him. Shivaay says go and get dressed fast. Outside, Sahil compliments Shivaay for his tadibaaz attitude. He comes down in kurta looking very handsome. Pinky and Tia rejoice when they don’t see Anika with him. Later, Anika walks down and Daadi is very happy. She blesses them. Tia says I cannot tolerate this anymore Pinky mom, I do not deserve this.

Tia calls up Mrs Kapoor and says your threats have not affected him a bit. Tia says I cannot tolerate her one bit. Mrs Kapoor says I will end the chapter of Anika how. Pinky says Shivaay I need to talk to you about your foolishness. She says the Chadhas are also coming for the Pooja whom will you sit with before them. Tej gets a call where the Chadhas say they are not coming tonight. Daadi sees Anika depressed and says there is no happiness when Anika is unhappy. Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) says the dholwalas have come and we will dance. Mrs Kapoor tells the assasin that he has to eliminate Anika. The hitman faces a problem when the guard says no person with metal will be allowed inside. Daadi instructs them about the Lohri rituals. They share an eyelock and walk around the Lohri fire. The hitman is about to enter but the guards stop him. Rudra clicks a pic of ShiVika. He tells Shivaay to hold Anika by the shoulder and smile. The dholwale come in and SSO sees them.