Tia (Navina Bole) tells Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) that Sahil has stolen her diamond necklace. Anika (Surbhi Chandna) says he hasn’t stolen anything. She says he knows Sahil and asks him to tell Tia that Sahil can never do something like this. Shivaay asks Sahil if has taken her necklace. Anika feels bad. Shivaay asks her to let him handle this. He asks Sahil to tell him if he took it for fun. He says nobody will harm him. Sahil cries and says he hasn’t stolen anything. Tia says she wants to check his room. Anika warns her and says she has no right to check his room. Tia’s mother shows her mobile to Shivaay and signals him not to take any action. Shivaay recalls her mother’s words.

Anika asks Shivaay why isn’t he saying anything. She says he knows he can’t do something like this. Pinky says if she’s so sure that he has not taken it then why is she not letting them check it. Shivaay’s mother reminds her that they are their guests and they can’t insult them like this. Pinky says they are poor people and poverty sometimes make people do strange things. She says perhaps Anika might have asked him to steal. Anika says they might be poor but they are not robbers.

Tia’s mother again shows the mobile. Anika asks Shivaay to say something. Shivaay asks Tia to check Sahil. Anika says why is he doing this. He says if he hasn’t stolen then what’s the harm in checking. She says it’s not about that, it’s about his trust. He says he is just trying to solve the problem. Tia starts checking Sahil’s pockets. He cries and asks Anika to stop them. Anika asks Shivaay to stop all this. She goes and tries to stop Tia, but she pushes her away. She asks for Pinky’s help. She also shrugs her away. Anika begs Shivaay to take an action. Tia says the necklace isn’t there. Anika asks if they are satisfied now. She says like they trust Omkara, she trusts Sahil. She tells Pinky that she respects her a lot but what happened today was not right. She says they have proved today that they don’t trust them. She takes her away.

Svethalana intentionally bumps her wheel chair into Sahil. He falls. A diamond necklace falls on the floor. Tia says she knew that she has only stolen it, like sister like brother. A flashback is shown where Tia is shown keeping the necklace in Sahil’s crutch. Pinky shouts on them and suggests checking both of their rooms. Sahil cries and says they haven’t done anything. Pinky asks him to tell this to the police.

Anika gives support to Sahil and asks Shivaay to say something. Pinky says she will call the police herself. Anika requests him not to let her call the police. Tia’s mother signals her again. He goes and stops her from calling the police. Pinky takes her phone. Tia’s mother threats him. Shivaay asks Pinky to do what she wants. Tia asks her not to call the police as she doesn’t want to bring bad name to the Oberois. She says she will be okay if Sahil apologizes to her. Pinky praises Tia and taunts Anika. She asks Sahil to apologize to Tia. Anika says he will not say sorry and apologizes on her brother’s behalf. Tia asks her to say it properly. She asks her to repeat her. Anika repeats everything. Shivaay looks on. Tia’s family smirks. Anika looks at Shivaay and leaves with Sahil.

Pinky gives instructions to the workers for Lohri’s preparations. Sh discusses with her husband how she wants Tia and Shivaay’s first lohri to be perfect. Shivaay enters Anika’s room and sees her crying. She tells him that she finds it difficult to understand him. She asks if he would have done the same if Rudra would have been standing there instead of Sahil. She says he knew that they can’t do anything like this then why did he remain silent. She asks the reason of his silence. He says he does’t owe and explanation to her. She says he only cares about his blood relations, nothing else matters to him. Anika cries hard. Shivaay leaves her room.

Tia’s mother praises him for choosing his brother over Anika’s. He says he is not afraid of her and asks her not to test his patience. Mrs. Kapoor threatens him to tell the world that Omkara is the illegitimate child of Mr. Oberoi. Sahil overhears their conversation. Shivaay’s throws his mobile in anger. Sahil comes there. Shivaay apologizes to Sahil for not being able to fulfill his promises. Sahil hugs him and says he is not angry with him. Shivaay says he is very bad, he hurt Sahil and Anika. Sahil says he heard everything and he knows he did it under pressure. He says he understands that he did it for Omkara. Sahil says Anika will also understand this if he will tell her. Shivaay asks Sahil not to tell anyone about this, not even Anika. ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 24 January 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Tia accuses Sahil of being a thief