Ishqbaaz begins with Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) entering into the room of Om. He gets inside and thinks I saw her coming here but it is strange not to spot anything here. Khanna calls SSO to check CCTV footage. Mrs Kapoor and Svetlana (Reyhna Malhotra) decide to dispose off Romi (Krissann Barretto). Pinky tells Shivaay that guests are waiting and sends Khanna away. They bring out a gagged Romi and Tia spots them. Tia (Navina Bole) is shocked to see this. Shivaay says he has important work with Khanna. Anika (Surbhi Chandna) comes there and Pinky asks if she has brought what she asked for. Shivaay says what’s happening? Pinky says we are doing Mata Ka Jagran in the house. She tells him to get dressed and come down. SSO is annoyed but Pinky says from now on, you’ll be Tia’s property. Svetlana decides to give an injection to Romi and Tia is worried. She tells her to shut up. Mrs Kapoor takes Tia away.

Shivaay struggles to get into the achkan and Anika helps him. She says he is hungry since morning and she’ll get something for him to eat. Anika says should I get the food here? SSO does not acknowledge her. She asks why are you behaving like this? Shivaay says is that making a difference to you. He says as per your instructions, I am marrying Tia. He says most probably from tomorrow we will not even talk. He says tumhe farak pad raha hai…She says no. He tells her to say it louder. Shivaay says even if you said it made a difference, I would marry Tia. He is about to leave the room but his kurta gets entangled with her bracelet. He removes it angrily and her bracelet breaks. Anika is in tears.

Downstairs, Om and Rudra meet Shivaay. Lafzon Ka Yeh Rishta plays….Rudra says I missed you two. He says from now on we will always be together. SSO says I thought you had grown-up. He says if that means staying away from each other, then I better be a kid. He says let us do Anika bhabhi’s pinky promise. Om asks why is this marriage happening? Are you happy? He says what I am doing is for everyone…please trust me. Om gets a call…he says I have to attend to a statue, which has to be delivered. Svetlana thinks that if SSO enters Om’s room, it will be a disaster. She tells Tia to stop him. She calls him out. He says he is busy. Tia says I need to talk about wedding arrangements. He says talk to Anika about it. Pinky comes there and he tells her to help Tia. She tells Tia not to take any stress.

SSO calls Khanna to Om’s room. He wonders where is the girl. Anika sees a statue. She enters the room and says she came to keep something. She says I do not remember when and how our relationship began but I want to thank you for everything. She thanks him. SSO says you only want to say Thank You. He says so much transpired between us, yet you said thanks. There is no need to say that. SSO says you will not say what I want to hear. He tells her to be quiet. Shivaay tells Anika to leave. There is a girl hidden in the statue behind him. He tells a servant to deliver it to Omkara’s workshop.