Ishqbaaz starts with Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) introducting Anika (Surbhi Chandna) as his wife before the media and his biggest support system. He calls her Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi and she says just call me Anika. Pinky (Nikita Anand) angrily says you forgot me in your love for your wife. She says just because she because she saved your life, you forgot the mother who gave birth to you and prayed for your success. She has I deserve credit for that trophy. Angrily, Pinky says Anika distanced me from Shivaay and now I will separate her from SSO. (Also Read: Ishqbaaz 20 April 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Pinky gets increasingly insecure of Anika as Shivaay showers his love on her)

At night, Pinky finds out that Shivaay is having dinner in his room. She gets incensed saying we always dine together at the table. Shakti says I told him to eat in the room as he and Anika are injured. Pinky says tradition comes before convenience and SSO always respect traditions. Pinky blames Anika for this.

ShiVika are by the poolside and Anika is struggling to eat on her own. He takes the plate and feeds her. Anika looks at him. He asks is the food too spicy. She says it is very sweet. She says no one has looked after me so well ever. She says as a kid when I was ill I slept on an empty stomach. Shivaay says whenever you’re ill, I will feed you like this. He says saath is imp even if sahara is not. He says promise me you will not do any stunts like this in the future. She says even you promise me this. He says I will do stunts, especially if it concerns you. Anika says our relationship started off with breaking things and now we’re broken. Anika feeds him. SSO praises the cook. He feeds her. Pinky sees all this angrily.

Next morning, Shakti tells someone to hunt for Kamini (Amrapali Gupta). Anika wakes up besides Shivaay. The sunlight is strong so she covers his eyes so that he does not wake up. She finishes her bath and sees that he is still sleeping. She caresses his face with her wet hair and he opens his eyes. He asks her what are hell are you doing…throwing water everytime on me. He says I don’t like such things in the mornings. Anika says sorry I won’t do it. She says Hindi films show this as romantic. He says watch Hollywood films. Anika says Hollywood heroines are shameless, they cannot buy proper clothes. He tells her to be quiet. Anika says I cannot be calm before you. He says you are ready too quite early. She says you have problem with everything. She says you are as bitter as black coffee. He say you found me sweet last night. She says I cannot understand you, he says I will make you understand and tries to kiss her.

Anika is getting ready to go somewhere and he asks her where is she going? Anika says I am going somehwere to settle my mood. Pinky hears this and feels where is she going. Maid tells Pinky that Guruji has come. Shakti thanks Guruji for coming. Pinky says my son is turning 33 and we want gotra pooja. She says this should have been done before marriage but it could not be done. Shakti says I want you to add Anika’s name in the kul gotra. Guruji asks Pinky for Anika’s surname, family name and horoscope. Shakti says we don’t know but we will soon find out and give.

Pinky thinks Anika does not know herself and SSO has also forgotten about lineage in his love for her. She says this will remind him. SSO looks for a file but is unable to find it. He says Anika has upset my stuff. He thinks of calling her but resists thinking she fought with him and went. Anika does not pick up the call and he says she has so much tadi. Pnky tells SSO that Guruji wants to ask about gotrapatri. Anika is in Mahi’s locality and wants to find him. She thinks of making inquiries. She asks two men about Mahi. They ask for a description. Shivaay calls up and she shows his picture asking if someone like him lives here. A man says he is a troublemaker and always picks up fights.

Guruji asks SSO details. Pinki tells SSO to tell Anika’s parents’ name and gotra. SSO gets annoyed saying it can be done later. Shakti says why are you upset and says don’t you know it. Pinki tells SSO to call her. She says it is ok if you don’t know her parents name, just say surname. Pinky taunts him don’t you  know your wife’s surname. Shakti looks on. Pinky says don’t tell me you don’t know your wife’s surname. She says I know she is not from a rich family, but you must know her lineage. She reminds Shivaay how he held family name as a barometer for a man’s success. SSO gets angry and says I am getting late. Pinky says I just asked wife’s surname. She sees Sahil and thinks of asking him. Pinki asks him about parents name and gotra. SSO says please don’t drag him. He leaves angrily. Pinky taunts him about wife’s surname.

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