Ishqbaaz starts Shakti telling someone to pick up the phone. He sits down angrily thinking that Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) could have lost his life. Pinky (Nikita Anand) comes there angrily and says SSO has changed. She says he does not care about anyone else other than Anika (Surbhi Chandna). She says are you listening? Shakti tells her to shut up. Then, he tells her not to get bothered. He says Anika is Shivaay’s wife. He says he is a husband now and his love and time will be divided into half. Anika and Shivaay are making the bed and both feel pain in their shoulders at the same pain. They start laughing as they say Ouch simultaneously. He says what was the need to become a superwoman. He says I am sure you are feeling the dard now. Anika says I know all this has happened because of you. (Also Read: Ishqbaaz: Shivaay to dump Anika after Pinky’s expose of her past?)

Pinky walks in bringing a pain-reliving herbal pack for Shivaay. He says he will apply it on his own. Pinky says let me do it. She makes him sit and Anika who is settling the bed winces in pain. Shivaay gets worried, sits her down and says she need the pack more than he does. She says I do not need this. She resists saying this pack was specially made for you by your mom. SSO says whether you apply it or I, it does not make any difference. Pinky walks out of the room in tears. Shakti meets her outside, she tells him my son is only Anika’s husband now.

Next morning, Shakti tells SSO that there is a press conference at home in the morning as he is getting Businessman of the Year Award. Anika struggles to apply sindoor when he comes and puts it on her maang. Anika remembers their moments as O Jaana plays in the background. Anika says I would have managed it on my own. She says since childhood, I have done things on my own. Anika says only weak girls ask for help but I am a spirited one. Shivaay says, what about a companion. He says every ship needs a anchor. He tells her it is ok to ask for help if needed. He teases her that if she asks for help, she will not get fatter. Anika gets annoyed. He says you can make fun of my height but I cannot make fun of your weight. Anika says I am not fat but you are short. They laugh. Anika says I have decided that I will ask for help when needed. She says but there is a condition. (Also Read: Ishqbaaz 19 April 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Mahi rescues Shivaay in a heroic manner while Kamini is absconding)

Anika says I will do so when you will say that I am a khidkitod beauty who has brought colours in your life. She says you have to say that I make your heart race and when you don’t see me, you feel desperate. He tries to snatch the sindoor dibbi from her. They chase each other in the bedroom when Sahil walks in. He teases them. SSO says my brother has come. Anika says he is my bro. Shivaay says he said he is on my side. Sahil says you two are on my side. They kiss him affectionately. At night, Anika is blushing away and Sahil notices that. He says I had exam pressure but I ran and came here for you. He teases her for blushing. Sahil says such things happen in love. Anika tells him to shut up. Sahil says both of you are madly in love. He says even SSO is hearing the ghanti like you do. Sahil says SSO threatened the doctor when you got. He says SSO even said I am his family. Anika says Shivaay is very nice so he must have said that.

Sahil says he has changed. He says we hated the previous guy, version one but this fellow, Shivaay version 2 is a sweetheart and your love has brought about the change. Anika says there is only friendship between us. She says he will never love me. Anika says for Shivaay, blood, pedigree and lineage matters and I have none. She says I don’t know who my parents are and if he comes to know that I am raised in an orphanage, he will leave forever. Sahil says I don’t think SSO version 2 will object to this. Anika says some dreams will never get fulfilled. Anika says I don’t know what will happen tomorrow but today he is with me and I am happy.

At the press conference, SSO says I would like to thank the jury for the award. A reporter asks Shivaay from where did he get red colour on his shirt. He says it is just a colour. A female reporter says it is sindoor. He gets embarrassed and blushes. He says I feel special to get this award at such an early age. He says I could not have achieved it if I did not have a special person in my life. Pinky smiles thinking he is referring to her. He says someone else deserves it. When a journo asks who is it? Shivaay says this is for the woman because of whom I am in this world and I would like to share this special moment with her. He says my special woman is my wife Anika. Pinky is totally disappointed. Shivaay says if Anika did not save my life I would not be here today. Tears roll down Pinky’e eyes. Shivaay gives his hand and brings Anika on stage. The press click their pictures.

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