Ishqbaaz starts with Mahi (Nakuul Mehta) telling Kamini (Amrapali Gupta) that she does not understand how much the Oberoi mansion loves Shivaay. He says he is the foundation of the family. Lafzon Ka Rishta plays in the background. Kamini looks at him angrily and says you are praising them a lot. Mahi says they taught me about love and togetherness when I stayed with them at their house. He said even a small scratch on SSO makes them worried. Mahi says they are a very loving family. Kamini says where there is money, there is love. It is greed that binds them together. Mahi says no, it is love that makes a family. He says this is why you and I could never build a family. Kamini says after staying there for 10 days, you are finding shortcomings in our relationship. If there is a shortcoming, it is in you my son. She taunts Mahi and says he is worthless. Kamini says Ranveer (Ayush Anand) lost his job because of you and I am also in trouble. Kamini says if those people come behind you and reach here, I will be in trouble. She says leave this place. Mahi says where will I go? Kamini says go anywhere you feel like. She says you are the biggest mistake of my life. Mahi says why are you saying such things. She says leave right now, I don’t want to see your face. Mahi feels hurt and dejectedly walks out. (Also Read: Ishqbaaz: Mahi to live in the Oberoi mansion as a servant?)

In the bedroom, SSO tells Anika (Surbhi Chandna) that why are you saying all this in roundabout fashion, like a jalebi. She says jalebi and says I will tell. Anika caresses his face and gets up from the bed. He asks why are you getting up, this is not a speech. Anika says I have to tell you what you actually want to say/confess. She says you want to tell me…Shivaay says what. She tells him not to butt it. Anika says you want to tell me that I am a khidkitod beauty who has brought colours to your life. Whenever you come close to me, you heart starts racing. She says you feel desperate whenever you don’t see me around. She says you want to say, Anika you have captured my heart and made me a Ishqbaaz. (Also Read: Ishqbaaz 17 April 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Anika teases Shivaay hinting he is head over heels in love with her)

SSO says really, you think like that…Anika says yes, you might not admit it because you are nervous. Shivaay says no, awkwardly. Anika says look you are nervous, you have become Billuji. SSO says nothing of this sort has happened to me, such behaviour is out of my character. The medicines have upset your mind. She says I knew you would not agree as you are a Tadibaaz. Shivaay says you feel made a Ishqbaaz out of me. He comes closer and pins Anika against the wall. He says do my blue eyes tell you everything. He holds her hand. Anika says I can see…SSO says I will not confess. She says you will, you definitely will. He picks her up and puts her on the bed. They share an eyelock. SSO comes really close to her as he settles the cushion. He caresses her face. Anika says SSO, you will confess won’t you….The phone rings…Anika says ghanti baj gayee…He takes the call and tells her that he is going out and will be back soon. He says Sahil will meet me you in the morning. He has come home. Anika says I will let you go on the condition that you will be before my eyes when I open them in the morning. SSO looks at her romantically and leaves. Anika says Shivaay and he is back. He tells her to sleep.

Mahi walks inside his house and asks Kamini if she sent goons to kill Shivaay. Kamini how come you are here. He says you cannot do this. She says how is it affecting you? He says because SSO is my…Kamini asks what…Mahi says I will not let you kill Shivaay. Kamini is upset.  Pinky (Nikita Anand) is crying in the hall and Daadi asks her what happened. She hugs her and weeps. Daadi (Navnindra Behl) asks what happened? Pinky says SSO is my only son but he has gone far away from me. He does not value me anymore. He says since childhood mom was the most special person for Shivaay. She remembers how he cheered her up as a kid. Pinky says what has happened to me. She says I tried to accept Anika but I feel bad. She says ever since Anika came into Shivaay’s life, the distance between him and me has increased. Daadi says you are imagining thing…she says Anika is his wife and he cares for her. Pinky says do sons forget their mothers once they get married. She says I told him I got fever but he did not bother. Daadi says Anika put her life at risk for SSO. Pinky says even I can die for my son, but I cannot bear to see him ignoring me. She cries in Daadi’s arms.

Shivaay enters a godown and says Ranveer where are you? He says attacking from behind is not a manly thing to do. He says come in front of me. A few goons greet him. He asks for Ranveer and they attack him. SSO gets into a fight with the goons and one of them hit him with a stick. He falls down unconscious bleeding from his neck.

Precap: Mahi comes there and bashes up the goons. He tells SSO that nothing can happen to him as long as Mahi is alive…

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