We were the first one to EXCLUSIVELY break the news of Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon’s breakup. Our sources had revealed to us how Sushant’s mood swings and Kriti’s growing clinginess was the reason behind their split as the couple realised they are not meant to be together. In fact, some even blamed Sushant’s casanova image behind Kriti choosing to move out of his life. While it’s left to see if Sushant and Kriti will mutually make peace considering they are yet to promote their upcoming film Raabta. Latest buzz suggests how Sushant is now trying hard to reconcile with Kriti for the sake of the film’s promotions. Yes..Also read: IT’S OVER between Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon – Read details here

According to Spotboye.com, Sushant secretly met Kriti at her residence a few days back. Now we dunno if the two have put an end to their differences or no but if at all this report is true then it’s interesting to see how Sushant is going out of his way for Raabta. As per a Mirror report, the producers of the film too are now trying their best to intervene and sort things out between Kriti and Sushant because they obviously don’t want to divert the attention from Raabta to Sushant and Kriti’s breakup.

Will Kriti let bygones be bygones and get back to Sushant for the sake of the film? Or is it over between the two once and for all? We dunno what destiny holds for Sushant and Kriti but we’re worried for Raabta, which happens to be Sushant and Kriti’s first film together. The last we saw Sushant and Kriti together was during Manish Malhotra’s birthday bash after which, both gradually started making solo appearances together with Sushant also sporting a ‘comfortably single’ tee at Karan Johar’s single’s bash this Valentine’s Day.

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