Kriti Sanon swears that her five-year-old self did the best impression of cinema’s favourite dancing queen, Madhuri Dixit — steps and expressions in place. Sanon’s tryst with Bollywood started early; it’s no wonder she’s here now—it was meant to be. Here’s an excerpt from an interview of the actor in Vogue India’s April 2017 issue.


The Delhi girl moved to Mumbai in 2011 but still thinks of herself as an outsider. She has eased herself from academics to the glamorous life of an actor. The only thing Sanon genuinely misses is the anonymity of her past, although only occasionally, “It’s hard sometimes, like when I can’t leave home to get paani puris… or shop, like I used to,” she says. Her favourite star moment, too, comes from unlikely sources—far from the selfie-clicking tribe of fans. “Kids selling things at traffic signals came to my car and started singing songs from my films. It was the sweetest,” she adds. (ALSO READ: IT’S OVER between Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon – Read details here)


Her Bollywood debut may have been celebrated in newsprint as co-star Tiger Shroff’s launch, but the then-newcomer Sanon didn’t feel sidelined. She admits those from film families tend to have better choices in films, though this hasn’t deterred her. “I’m super grateful for my first few films, but I was just finding my feet then. Now I’m craving meatier, layered and more challenging roles.” And she might just have found it — for her upcoming films Raabta and Bareilly Ki Barfi, out this year, she learnt horse riding and scuba diving and underwent weapons training.


There have been errant rumours about romancing a co-star, but she remains exasperatingly tight-lipped and caves in only to say that any relationship, platonic or not, is organic. “You can’t plan a relationship. You connect with people or you don’t. I’m single, honestly. But I’m okay dating someone from the industry— a boyfriend would have to understand my profession and it’s not an easy one to understand unless you’re a part of it,” she explains.