Karan Johar has penned yet another column, where the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil director talks about his much talked about apology video. Karan describes his ordeal and reveals that he felt like a “hostage” who had to prove his “nationalism”. The filmmaker-turned-actor also addressed the social media trolls and the upset LGBT community too. However, it was Karan’s statement where he hinted at an unfortunate episode in a fellow filmmaker’s life that got us wondering if he was referring to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s slapgate incident on Padmavati sets in Jaipur. KJo seemed a little guilty and even questioned his own apology video.

Karan addressed his much talked about apology video, he said, “I’ve been criticized for going on the record and people have called my statement a hostage video. Yes, I’ve read all that. Yes, it made me cringe. Yes, I looked like I had a gun to my head, and yes, you couldn’t see it, but it felt like it was there.”

Karan then went on to write, “I hated having to sit there and declare my “nationalism” and what should constitute it. But it also got me thinking… I know what circumstances led me to do that, I understand, and it’s not like today, I can apologize for making it, because that might put me into another kind of limelight which I do not want. Would I do it again? Probably not. I hope not. You find yourself feeling coerced and compromised in your morality, your ethics, your principles. Brought to my knees with a hostage video.” (7 things I learnt about Shah Rukh Khan during my seven hour wait for the seven minute Raees interview…)

It was Karan’s conclusion that struck us the most, he wrote, “And when a fellow filmmaker gets humiliated, you wonder if you have set a precedent that he is paying the price for? You hope you’re wrong.”

And it’s not just Karan, his friend Shah Rukh Khan too has sworn never to tread that path, where everything and anything that is muttered ends up becoming fodder for political goons. In an interview recently Shah Rukh revealed how he dreads waking up and checking his mobile to find out that he has been dragged into a controversy for no fault of his. Do you agree with Karan’s statements? Pen your thoughts in the comment box below…