They say Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra are on a ‘break’ right now or say have called off their relationship; but this latest revelation definitely doesn’t speak likewise. I mean, although Alia doesn’t approve of making an official announcement about her relationship status with Sid but when we caught up with Alia to play ‘Google’s most asked questions’, she surprisingly didn’t think twice before stating, “I love Sidharth Malhotra.” Yes, this happened! Can you believe it?

Basically, the game was very simple. Alia had to answer Google’s most asked questions- the ones that we keep googling about Alia every now and then. So the questions varied from being as silly as ‘Alia Bhatt’s house?’ to whether she likes Sidharth Malhotra and there she was… making a loving confession about her equation with Sid. Probably, this is the first time ever Alia has specifically said she loves Sidharth Malhotra, EXCLUSIVELY only on BollywoodLife. Also read: Alia Bhatt just confessed her love for Sidharth Malhotra

No wonder Alia didn’t even shy away from expressing her PDA with Sidharth on Twitter the yesterday. While Sid being a sweetheart complemented Alia for being so flawless in Dear Zindagi as he tweeted ”
Heartwarming radiant vulnerable n the heartbeat of #DearZindagi @aliaa08 gives her best performance till now love n power to u way to go.” Alia too decided to reply by sending more love as she wrote, “Haha aww thank you Sid!!!!!! Love you ”

Haha aww thank you Sid!!!!!! Love you

— Alia Bhatt (@aliaa08) November 24, 2016

Guess Alia and Sid have finally resolved their differences and are yet again back together or you never know, maybe their ‘love you’ is just another expression to say ”I love you as a friend’ given that the talks suggest Alia and Sid have broken up to only retain their friendship. Not to mention, Sid too in his recent media interaction had clarified if he’s more than friends with Alia as he said, “Nobody can decide that. No one knows what can happen in the future. We want to make the most out of our time(in the industry) and during that process, you connect with people. I have done two films with Alia so it’s only natural that we both have a lot of fondness for each other. There’s a great amount of comfort because we’ve worked together. It’s great if you get along with a colleague. Quiz him if she’s really just a colleague and he adds, “Yes, Alia is a very dear colleague.”

On that note, tell us what do you think of Alia confessing her love for Sid in this video and keep watching this space for more updates.