So, things are spiraling further down than we could have imagined. Sonu Nigam got embroiled in a controversy after calling out mosques, temples, for ‘forced religiousness’. A maulvi issued a fatwa against the singer that whoever shaves his head, will be awarded with Rs 10 lakhs. Well, Sonu took the challenge head on, and invited popular celebrity hairstylist Aalim to shave the hair off his head. He also invited the media for a press conference before he went bald.

In what could have been a very agitated presscon, things went rather smoothly than expected. Aalim was indeed present at the conference, though the whole shaving the hair process didn’t happen live. Before Sonu and Aalim excused themselves to get to the hairstyling, here is what the singer told the press:

# “You can’t write an entire essay in a tweet. The portion I wrote that this is gundagradi, you did not mention that one. I said in that tweet that I am equally against temples, and gurdwaras waking people up with electronic devices such as loudspeakers. And especially to people who don’t even follow the religion. I won’t go in front of a Muslim’s house and start singing ‘hare Raam’. I can’t do that. What means prayer to me doesn’t mean prayer to them. All I wanted to say that we should be considerate to each other. ”

# “I am such a secular person. Neither I am right wing, nor I am left wing. I stand in the middle. People like me are less. Most are right wing, or left wing. Not many stand in the middle. I am standing in middle. I am minority actually.”

# “Aalim is here. Rabbani is here. How can someone blame me of being non secular. I am so connected with these two. I don’t have that much affection with my real brothers as much as I have for these brothers of mine.”

# “It’s the problem of the English language. Some people are accusing me of not using Mohd sahab, and just Mohammaed. I want to tell them that in English we write Shiva not Shiv ji. It goes Shiva, Krishna, Rama – it’s not Sri Krishna. In Twitter you have limited space, so Mohammad Sahab can’t be thought of being written. Similarly, in a Musalman’s language, it won’t be Lord Jesus. Similarly in my language, in English, it won’t be Mohammad Sahab. If its an issue, I fold my hands and say that is was not my intent. Rabbani might say Mohammad Sahab because he is used to say, but he probably not say Krishan ji but Krishna, as he is not used to say that.”

Also, he added that he is shaving his hair off his head but it is not some agitation, and should not be presented in that way. “It’s not a challenge. It is to tell you that one who is cutting my hair is a Muslim. I am sitting voluntarily and asking my Muslim brother to shave my hair off of my head.” he said.