BollywoodLife recently caught up with an ecstatic team Kaabil. Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Gupta, Yami Gautam and the captain of the team, Rakesh Roshan. All four of them were in great spirits and Gupta, despite being under the weather looked happy. The mood overall was celebratory, of course their film had received rave reviews and the growing box office collections were just an indication of more good news coming their way. Considering that Kaabil was already a profitable venture ahead of it’s release, all the box office earnings would only make it an even more bigger success. Obviously the Roshans are upbeat. But this interaction with BollywoodLife wasn’t just about numbers and competition with Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees, we got Hrithik in a confessional mode and nostalgic too.

In the very beginning of our chat Hrithik spoke of the overwhelming response he received when he visited a theatre after the film’s release. HR even declared, “Sanjay Gupta got mobbed, that means Kaabil is a success.” They all guffawed and that was the mood throughout. Here are the excerpts…

Q: Sanjay (Gupta) this is your best reviewed film, how does it feel?

Sanjay Gupta: Yes, it is.

Hrithik: It (Kaabil) is the best reviewed film of my career. I don’t know how to react to that. I’m jumping inside, I’m humbled and a little shocked. We’ve not got such reviews not even for the best works we have done. This is like unanimous 4 stars plus!

Q: Any one thing from the review that has stayed with you?

Rakesh Roshan: Their one word Thank you is more than enough.”

Q: Considering that people have loved Yami and Hrithik’s jodi so much, would you like to cast then again Rakeshji?

Hrithik: It’s the best jodi in the world.

Rakesh Roshan: Of course if I get a script and they suit the role 100 percent.

Hrithik: That’s his line, if they suit the role. That’s what he (dad) had told me for my first film also. Don’t think I will take you for a film because you are my son, if you suit a role that I think of it may be. So he’s never going to compromise on his work, let me just establish that also.

Here catch the candid team Kaabil in conversation with BollywoodLife…

Q: Is your dad your biggest critic?

Hrithik: My dad is not my critic, but he’s the wind beneath my wing. He will not concentrate on what’s bad, forget the bad. He will keep pushing me towards the right. I remember Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai we are going to a theatre in town in the car and everybody was recognising me and I was very shy. I did not know how to react and they were all like amazing. And he told me, you must wave back, put your window down this is a blessing. That lesson I’ve kept in my heart and my head always. He’s taught me that right from the start.

Q: What sets Hrithik apart from the other stars you’ve worked with?

Rakesh Roshan: His honesty and his passion towards work, see that is the greatest asset that an actor can posses. When you are honest towards your work, you are punctual at our work, you don’t destroy anybody else’s happiness. He’s with them, having lunch, sitting with them that gives them great joy.

Q: Rakeshji did you feel let down with the unequal distribution of screens?

Rakesh Roshan: Yes I did feel let down. But that’s over. But for future I’m just saying that this should not happen because your are depriving so many people. You are depriving the producers, you’re depriving the distributors, exhibitors and depriving the audience who sometimes do not have so much money to watch two films in a week. So why? Make a rule and this rule can be only made by the exhibitors. If two films are clashing, we are going to give fifty fifty percent. There will be no clashes, every producer will think no we should not clash, we will come in another week. This is a message I want to send across to those stalwarts, who are big game players. When Dubai, UK, USA, Singapore, Australia can go 50-50 why can’t we?

Q: Hrithik you wrote a sweet message to Shah Rukh on Twitter and then this happened, were you hurt?

Hrithik: Not at all. How can you even get the actors into the equation. That’s wrong. We both are actors and we specialise in what we do. Actors should not get into this. I can second what my father says, I can stand by what he’s felt. Shah Rukh has been a mentor. My message to him was that as a mentor that I’m sure he’ll inspire me once more and as a student I hope I’m able to make him proud of me.

Q: Are you happy with the box office figures? They have doubled up on day 2.

Rakesh Roshan: God has been very kind and all movie lovers who have done this.

Kaabil managed to rake  in Rs 29.1 crore despite having 40 percent screens. Looks like we will soon see the team celebrating their film with a bash. Come back right here for more Bollywood news gossip and EXCLUSIVE interviews…