Recently members of Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha threatened to put a ban on the release of S S Rajamouli’s upcoming magnum opus and probably the biggest film of India, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, in Karnataka. The reason behind such threats was a speech given by one of the actors of the film, Sathyaraj, who plays Kattappa in the series. According to the members, Sathyaraj, who hails from Tamil Nadu made some questionable remarks against their leader over the Cauvery water dispute. The said statement was made nine long years ago and I won’t delve into the details here about the statement or the fact that it was made ages ago. Yesterday S S Rajamouli released a video a la Karan Johar and sent out a heartfelt apology to all the Kannadigas and requesting them to not halt the release of his film for the comments of Sathyaraj, who is just one of the part of this film, and explained that the comments were made nine years ago.

Seeing that video and witnessing one of the India’s biggest director being vulnerable on-screen, trying to speak in a language that is foreign to him, really broke my heart. And I am of the opinion that Kannada superstar, Kiccha Sudeep could’ve saved S S Rajamouli from the public humiliation. Here’s why! Also read: SS Rajamouli pleading for Baahubali 2 release in Karnataka screams political censorship – watch video

Kiccha Sudeep is one of the top stars of Kannada cinema, he is probably their biggest superstar. When the makers of Baahubali were going through the crisis, none of the stars, who have had a close association with Rajamouli, spoke in his favour. And I understand as they, too, were scared of this backfiring on their movies and sabotaging their releases. But Sudeep has worked with Rajamouli in Eega which was a blockbuster in all three states, he had cameo in Baahubali: The Beginning, in fact his only scene was with Sathyaraj himself and there are reports that he’ll be in Baahubali 2: The Conclusion also. So perhaps he could’ve tried reasoning with unreasonable demands of the party leader. While there is a possibility it could’ve backfired but being a big star and having a successful association with Rajamouli, his vote of support would’ve made some difference. If nothing else, perhaps Rajamouli would have been saved from such humiliation. What do you think?