Anushka Sharma likes to keep her looks bold and powerful. There’ll barely be events where she goes on a complete ‘princess mode’ and opts for pretty looks. But the fact that her looks are so dynamic makes us love her looks. But sometimes she tends to go a little too far with her looks and ends up making a fool of herself. And we’re not saying that based on this specific outing. In general, too, we have come across certain looks of the diva where she could’ve easily aced, provided she didn’t go overboard. At the HT Most Stylish awards held on Saturday, the diva walked the red carpet wearing an all H&M ensemble. Be it the velveteen bustier or the pants or the black blazer, they were all from the same brand. Although initially, when we glanced, we weren’t really impressed with the look. Oh don’t worry, our opinion of it remains the same. However, soon memory cast its remembrance spell and it struck us that back in 2015, Kendall Jenner had worn an exact same outfit and aced it!

For the Balmain x H&M launch, the Hollywood diva donned a complete ensemble, minus the Fracesco Russo sandals, of the same brand. And we must say, she looked like a million bucks! Everything about her look said panache and elegance. So as we compared the looks, we realised what went wrong with Anushka’s look and how Kendall aced it by keeping it cool. Check out our breakdown below.

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Anushka’s H&M separates were honestly super cool! There’s nothing we’d change about that. However, it was the dull black blazer that made for an awkward accessory. Already the separates were very overwhelming but matching it with the dull jacket was a wrong decision. Not a big fan of the peep toes as well. If she would’ve just ditched the blazer, it would’ve been much better. Although the neckpiece she has donned along with it the ensemble is quite apt, can’t say it was interesting. Somehow the look lacked a lot of elements. Must add, though, loved her wavy hairdo.


Now let’s focus on Kendall. The diva chose a Balmain x H&M ensemble itself. What we found exemplary about this look was the way it has been styled. Instead of wearing velvet separates, she donned a velveteen black blazer. Teaming the same with satin pants, a black bra, an embellished belt and a Cordon necklace was too classy. Despite having so many elements used to form her look, there was absolutely no complaining here. It looked extremely elegant and not one bit shabby.


As we’ve stated, we think a little bit of mix and match with Kendall’s ensemble would’ve made Anushka ace the look. Anyway, whose look is your favourite? Do you think the Phillauri actress would’ve nailed the bold look had she drawn a little more inspiration from Kendall? Tell us in the comments box below.