Bani J has been my most favourite person since the time of Roadies 4. I have been following her reality TV journey since I was in school. I rooted for her in Roadies, despite of each and every person seeming to be against her. I got excited when her name kept popping up in the rumoured Bigg Boss contestants list since past few years. But I was left disappointed because she decided to maintain a distance from the Bigg Boss house every time. But this year when she finally stepped inside the house, my happiness knew no bounds. I was rooting for her right from the very first day and expected her to be one of the finalists. And it has happened as she is fighting it out with Manveer Gurjar, Lopamudra Raut and Manu Punjabi for the Bigg Boss 10 trophy.

And when it comes to her journey on the high voltage reality show, Bani carried herself with a lot of dignity and self- respect in these 104 days that she has spent inside the house. Her first fight with Priyanka Jagga, which was also the first full blown fight on Bigg Boss 10, was about being treated with respect. Later on she fought with Swami Om when he said nasty things about her mother.

She was extremely disciplined about her workouts (obviously) and about the cleanliness in the house too. She openly requested the housemates to keep the toilets clean after using them. ALSO READ: A strange co-incidence of numbers hints at Bani J’s victory

She didn’t bond with a lot of people except Gaurav Chopra. Her friendship with Gaurav was really cute and together they entertained us a lot with their bitter- sweet moments. As much as she fought with him, she equally cherished their friendship. Gaurav was her only confidante in the Bigg Boss house and she never failed to support him or stand by him. Who would forget the funny episode of ‘Koffee with Gaurav and Gurbani’ and the ‘Matrimonial Ad for Gaurav’s Marriage’? Even their ‘Friendly Date’ was something to remember.

Nobody would have expected the strong and tough Bani to be emotionally vulnerable. Her outbursts and her reactions were unbelievable. The ugliest fight on Bigg Boss 10 happened between her and Lopamudra Raut when the latter commented that Bani overreacts about her mother. As expected, Bani, who is very close to her mom strongly reacted to this and also came to fists and blows with her. It was truly a cat-fight we haven’t witnessed in the history of this show.

Earlier she had a similar outburst when Swami Om passed a nasty comment about her mother’s death. She walked out of the press conference as Lopamudra managed to irk her. She also walked out on Gaurav many times because her reactions were strong to most of the things around her.

She was criticized for backing out of tasks and losing perspective as a captain. Kamya Punjabi, Tannisha Mukherjee and VJ Andy, who came as the guests on the showopenly expressed their disappointment over Bani’s behavior.

But still, she managed to survive inside the house like a lone wolf, especially after Gaurav’s elimination from Bigg Boss 10. Will she walk out with the trophy? Well, we’ll find that out today as host Salman Khan will finally reveal the name of the winner tonight.