Last month Govinda returned to the big screen with much fan fare with Aa Gaya Hero, and I am sure most of us wished he shouldn’t have returned this way. The film was a cringe-fest from start to finish with Govinda at his worst. Even worst than he was in Naughty @ 40. If you are not aware if that film, you are lucky!

Anyways so the latest scoop is that the disastrous results of Aa Gaya Hero hasn’t demotivated Govinda. He has decided to fight back and rise again and looks like this time things might turn his way. According to, leaving behind the disaster that was Aa Gaya Hero, he is all set to play a gay character and that too with a twist.

The source said, “Govinda was approached by the makers where he was narrated about this gay character. The actor was super impressed with the script and gave it a go ahead.”

How awesome that’ll be. Govinda challenging himself and considering how talented he is, we are sure he is gonna nail it. But his gay portrayal will be different from usual “Bollywood-isque” gays.

The source further revealed, “While Bollywood films have mostly portrayed persons from the LGBTQ community in a typical, caricaturish style, making a joke out of them, Govinda’s gay role will be different and have shades of grey that will give you goosebumps.” Also read: Dulhe Raja, Deewana Mastana, Hero No 1 – 5 Govinda movies that you should rent and watch instead of Aa Gaya Hero

Govinda playing a homosexual negative character will surely make everyone sit and take notice of his talent. also got in touch with Govinda to confirm the news, the actor was skeptical to share more information as he insisted that the makers want to keep it a secret for now.