Filmmakers? Don’t you think Kapil Sharma and Govinda would make a fab jodi for a family entertainer? Okay, if you don’t know yet, you might as well watch this episode where Govinda’s humour almost leaves the other comedians in the show scout for words! Oh yes, he’s a total firecracker on the show and for those who did miss the actor from limelight are so gonna love how he’s still got it. to promote his upcoming film, Aa Gaya Hero, the actor turned up as a guest at The Kapil Sharma Show. Now usually whenever celebs come on the show, they tend to zip up their mouth as the comedians don’t let them utter a word. They’re mostly guffawing at the effect, Kapil and his team’s jokes have on them. However, in today’s episode of TKSS, it was a role reversal. Govinda was a riot in the show! He was brutally honest, humorously sarcastic and a total sweetheart. Along with him came his wife as well as Shakti Kapoor.

Tonight’s show was, what do you call that, totally paisa vasool! He opened up on how Salman Khan was his only friend in the industry who continued to lend his support during his tried times. It was very honest and sweet, the way he spoke of the actor. Further he even stated how much he respects Shah Rukh Khan as he is the most learned bollywood actor. He is smart and very talented. After all the honest gushing took place, the actor was intruded by a comedian who literally became a scapegoat! Yes. Govinda’s savage remarks and humour didn’t let the comedian to utter the jokes he had planned for the show! The actor totally owned that segment. He took jibes at himself but not before giving major ones to the comedians around him.

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At one point in time, Govinda and kapil Sharma became a team as they roasted the other comedian, who was actually a big fan of the star. the comedian continued to show words of flattery while the Hero No 1 continued to slap them away and take digs at him. It was so hilarious that at one point in time, the comedian sat next to him, all mum because he knew he’d be roasted if he said anything. Govinda and kapil’s camaraderie was very refreshing and in-sync. Filmmakers should totally get them together and make a mad movie because these two are fireballs when it comes to comedy.

Even Shakti Kapoor was one of the guests who faced the stereotypical jokes like the whole “keep your women safe because Shakti is here” kinds. But the actor was totally chill about it and played along. He also did the classic Andaaz Apna Apna dialogue for the audience. The crime master gogo one. He enacted the scene and added a little spin of his own to it.

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