Tollywood’s most popular couple – Samantha and Naga Chaitanya are finally engaged! Fans can’t believe that the very couple, they had loved on screen since 2010 are now one step closer to marrying each other. The engagement was a private affair with only their friends and family in close attendance. The couple looked picture perfect, as usual. Samantha’s winning smile and Naga Chaitanya’s affable demeanor complemented each other perfectly. Now that the couple is officially engaged, we can now look forward to something bigger –  their wedding! We bet it’s going to be The Event of 2017! But before we start to gush about this much-awaited ceremony, let’s look back at how it all started… So how did the Sam-Naga Saga begin? Well… Take a look: Also Read: Samantha – Naga Chaitanya enagaed in a dreamy ceremony

Friends since 2009: Interestingly when Sam started out, her first film was with Naga Chaitanya – Ye Maaya Chesave. Sam-Chay became a rage after their first film itself. Their effortless chemistry was one of the talking points of that film. Apart from their on-screen magic, off-screen, they had become fast friends. Samantha recently confessed in an interview that Chay was her first friend in the industry. In fact, in one of her early interviews, when an interviewer asked her one word to describe Naga Chaitanya, she had said ‘love’. To think, it had begun back then! Also Read: 7 pics that prove Samantha can’t wait to get married to Naga Chaitanya

Samantha - Naga chaitanya

2009-2015 – While there were sparks between them, on and off screen right from the beginning. the two went on to date other people. Naga reportedly dated Shruti Haasan for a brief period. Apparently, things had got serious only to fizzle out later, but it was an amicable break up. They are friends till date and even did a a movie together recently – Premam. As for Samantha, she was in a serious relationship with Siddharth, but they never came around in public. They soon broke up due to various issues – one being Siddharth’s roving eye and his apparent problem with Samantha’s ‘over-friendly’ nature. Come 2015,  When Samantha wished Chaitanya on his birthday on on social media, he addressed her with a questionable ( Read adorable as well) nickname. Fans were wondering if something was finally cooking between them…

shruti Naga Chaitany

samantha siddharth


Sam found her ‘prince charming’ –  It was in May when Samantha had revealed in an interview that she found her prince charming without revealing his name. She had gone to further reveal that he was a young Tollywood actor from a leading family. She had also mentioned that both their families had already accepted their relationship. Who was it?!

Sam- Chay spotted at AAa screening –  By then, speculations were rife that it was indeed Naga Chaitanya who she was talking about. The fact that both were spotted together at the screening of Sam’s movie – AAa premiere  show only fuelled rumours further.   But neither opened up about their relationship even then.

Nagarjuna’s revelation about both sons –  Soon after, Nagarjuna reportedly announced in July, that both his sons had found soulmates. ”Amala and I are very happy for Chaitanya who has found someone who makes him happy. We’ll be making the announcement very soon.” said Nagarjuna in one of his interviews. No names were mentioned but fans were sure it was Samantha. Both ( Sam-chay) were bombarded with questions about their relationship. She even tweeted out indirectly saying she would talk about it when it was time.

Sam-Naga Chaitanya unoffical first public appearance – It was at a hi-profile wedding in August when the two made their first public appearance. It was almost like an unofficial confirmation and that was enough for their fans to go crazy.

Sam and Naga

Sam’s big confession – In September, after delivering 4 hits, Sam was ready to talk about the love of her life ”Chay (Naga Chaitanya) and I are in a relationship and the reason we’re not talking about marriage is because even the immediate family would know about the wedding only three months before. Why should I talk about marriage to the media when there’s still time? We have our parents’ blessings and there’s nothing to hide. We have a friendship and relationship as long as my career – right from my first film. I’m extremely happy. And no, the wedding is not in 2016.”

Sam-Naga Chaitanya engagement – Ever since the two have admitted to being in a relationship, they have been sharing pictures together on social media. Obviously, fans are having a field day. And yesterday, they got engaged after an 8 year relationship. To summarise it perfectly, here’s something Samantha had said  herself ,”from 2009, there have been times when I wanted to work on the relationship and he was not ready and there have been times, when he wanted to work on the relationship and I wasn’t ready. Finally, we came to a point where, thank God, both of us wanted it equally”  All’s well that ends well.

Sam and Naga 2

Nagarjuna Naga-Sam enage

Congratulations to the gorgeous couple. Stay tuned for more updates on the big fat wedding!