One cryptic tweet and it was enough to create a havoc on the internet – We are talking about Shekhar Suman, who slammed a certain ‘cocained actress’ in his suspicious tweet that read, “One cocained actress was carrying the burden of her non existent stardom. She has fallen flat on her face n how.Guess this is poetic justice.” Although nowhere did he mention who is the ‘cocained actress’ but the fact Kangana Ranaut has had a horrible past with Shekhar’s son Adhyayan Suman and that more recently she’s also had a film(Rangoon) which didn’t really fare well at the box office, was enough for Twitterati to get talking. Also read: Shekhar Suman is making sly digs at a popular actress in this tweet. Guess who?

In fact, what made it even more obvious was how Adhyayan in one of his earlier interview had also mentioned, “On her birthday in March 2008 at The Leela she had invited everybody that she had worked with. She said, ‘Let’s do cocaine in the night.’ I had smoked hash with her a couple of times before and didn’t like it so I said no. I remember getting into the biggest argument that night because I said no to cocaine.”

Here are Shekhar’s tweets:

One cocained actress was carrying the burden of her non existent stardom.She has fallen flat on her face n how.Guess this is poetic justice.

— Shekhar Suman (@shekharsuman7) February 27, 2017

Im horrified at the paid lackeys and sycophants who have jumped in defence of a lumpen so- called star.shame on you,you paid twitteratis.

— Shekhar Suman (@shekharsuman7) February 27, 2017

I meant smone totally different but i guess guilty minds are forever conscious.plz don’t jump to conclusions.i never named no one.

— Shekhar Suman (@shekharsuman7) February 27, 2017

BollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY got in touch with Shekhar to get a clearer picture on the whole episode and here are the excerpts from the interview:

The “cocained actress” metaphor

“I didn’t talk about a cocained actress. Cocaine is just a metaphor in the sense it is a general statement for all those actors and actresses, primarily for those whose success has gone to their heads. Cocaine means you know, feeling high about your success.”

Was it Kangana Ranaut?

“No, that’s their misfortune and that’s their prerogative. See whatever we read even in history, it’s open to interpretation. Anything that Kabir says or Shakespeare says has 10 meanings. It’s how you interpret a thing. So if you are guilty about a certain thing then you will be like is it directed towards me? But NO! If it was to be directed towards you then your name will be mentioned, I will give you that sense of satisfaction and privilege by mentioning your name.”

Ambiguity comes to rescue

“There are 10 billion actresses in the world who have been facing failures and who suffer from overconfidence. So you know it’s a very optuse statement. If you want to think it’s directed towards you then you are free to think that but the fact is I haven’t mentioned anyone’s name but please allow me to have the benefit of the doubt. And cocained actress doesn’t mean the person in question takes cocaine. How would I know? I don’t know! I used it as a metaphor, like when you say smashed out. Not necessarily mean that you are high on booze or drugs, you can be high on success but you have lost your sense of bearing.”

Adhyayan’s involvement in this ‘cocained’ tweet

“But then we have to reply right? Adhyayan and me are two separate individuals despite being father and son and you need to understand that. We are not interlinked with everything that we say or do. I am an actor in my own rights, Adhyayan is an actor in his own rights and success and failures have been a part of everyone’s lives. So what goes around, comes around.” “It becomes convenient for people,” adds Shekhar when mentioned about Adhyayan past with Kangana being a reason why people are directing it towards Kangana.

On being misunderstood and misinterpreted

“It’s like Gurmehar saying something and Randeep, Sehwag reacting to it. But what’s the connection? Social media is becoming malarial. If I tweet, I am tweeting in my space and I don’t want you to react to it because I am not reacting to your tweets goddammit, I don’t even read your tweet because you are insignificant for me. And I don’t care a damn of what you think. This is my philosophy and I am entitled to my opinion and I just said that in my own space. There are a lot of things that cross my mind as an actor, as a thinker. There are so many things that go in my head so I express that. And with this, there is something called as coincidence as it happened around the same time but then like I said coincidences make one superstition.”

Paid trolls

“You know after a point I didn’t even bother who connected it where because there are paid twitterati in this business. I am sorry to say but there are people who will tweet for Rs 200 and sit there, I mean they have been asked to tweet against me/ trolling me.”

No “bad blood” with Kangana

“Why would I have anything against Kangana? See whatever happened before, happened between Adhyayan and Kangana but they are two separate individuals and there could be bad blood between the two. But now if at all I feel that my son has been subjected to some sort of unjust, I will stand as a father and every father should.”

Fearless Shekhar

“I am someone who is known to speak his mind so I would be the first person to name someone if I had to. I would be honest and brave enough to go ahead and take that name. But this is a general statement and if this irritates somebody then it’s their funeral, not mine. This tweet had nothing to do with anyone, it’s a tweet to all of us. Primarily I should have just written an ‘actor’ instead of an ‘actress’ but it’s a general statement for all of us. I know a lot of people around the world who have been self obsessed, absolutely looking inwards and the ones who think that the world revolves around me..If I move the world moves, if I stop the world stops. It doesn’t happen like that. It’s always a collective effort; even a film’s success is not my talent alone; it’s the talent of the director, the script and even the descending audience that comes and appreciates. It’s a coincidence that my tweet stirred a hornet’s nest but that wasn’t the idea.”

Because Kangana doesn’t matter

“I am here shooting in Agra. I hadn’t got the strangest idea when Rangoon was releasing. I didn’t know when it came and went and whether it released or not. I really don’t keep a tab on such things. We are shooting day and night and we hardly get time to breathe. But this was like we all were sitting, everyone was tweeting and you know there is this atmosphere when someone says something and you say something.. few could be professional, someone’s tweet could be motivational, someone’s tweet could be emotional…it’s okay it’s all in their personal zone.”

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