Trouncing favourite celebrity contestants like Bani J and Lopamudra Raut, the desi lad Manveer Gurjar emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss 10. The man, who said he really did not see himself as a winner gained in confidence after seeing his fan following within celebrities and general public. Needless to say, his folks back home in Noida were elated with the win and gave him a grand welcome as he returned to his hometown today. In the EXCLUSIVE pictures which were taken right outside his house, we can see his fans going berserk just before Manveer’s arrival. As for his family members, we can see Manveer’s sister-in-law ready to welcome the BB10 winner with the puja ki thali.





Meanwhile you check out these pictures of Manveer’s grand welcome in Noida, we already told you that the winner of Salman Khan’s show is already married. Yep! In fact that’s not all! He is also a father of a 5-year old. You read that right! A video of Manveer’s wedding day went viral some hours back and it clearly shows Manveer dressed as the groom, heading for his marriage. There’s even a picture of him posing with his wife. Although there’s no revelation on who is Manveer’s wife(probably a localite from his hometown) but if this video is anything to go by then it’s clear that Manveer has been hiding his marriage all this while. ALSO READ: Manveer Gurjar’s stardom defeated Virat Kohli, here’s how

Naturally, we got a little curious and got in touch with Manveer’s fellow contestant Gaurav Chopra to know if Manveer ever mentioned being a married man inside the house. He told us, “As far as I can recollect, he once told Bani J that he was father to a five-year-old girl. Then, he turned around and said he was joking. I do remember this. Of course, it is quite possible that he is a married man.”

Will Manveer come out in the open and talk about this leaked wedding video? Well, all we can do is just wait and watch…