Dil Bole Oberoi starts with Svetlana saying that she will make Jhanvi suffer for the bad behaviour meted out to her. She hurries to the mechanic’s place as the hologram is damaged. Svetlana is upset that her outfit is damaged but heads to Maya’s place. Tej tells Jhanvi that she did not do the right thing. Jhanvi taunts him saying that she will have maximum fun when Svetlana will marry Om and leave him. She says she will be richer by 2,000 crores once the divorce is solemnised. Tej is furious and raises his hand to slap her but Om holds it. He tells him to behave as he will not hesitate from raising hand on his father.

Chulbul asks Om could be have slept alone with the ghost hovering around. Om says he is not scared of anyone. Chulbul says I know that. He says a guy who can take on 10 goons in Bareilly is not afraid of anyone. Om is surprised to know how he knows this. Chulbul says Rudra told it to me. Om asks do you think spirit will come tonight. He says no it will not come.

They see Maya near the window. She is being controlled by Svetlana on the skateboard. It seems Svetlana gave her more money and asked for her help. Om asks Chulbul if he saw her? She says yes but she is not a ghost. Maya falls down on the marbles and gets hurt. Om is convinced that she is not a spirit. However, she manages to escape with Svetlana’s help. Chulbul tells Om that he has to pretend to be mad in fear to gain Svetlana’s confidence and understand her future plans. Om does it. Svettlana gets info from Chulbul that Om is mentally unstable. She gets happy and says she will give breakfast to him. Om has a knife in his hand. Chulbul signals Om that Svetlana is there.