Dil Bole Oberoi begins with Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) entering the mansion saying that Svetlana (Reyhna Malhotra) has called her. They let her enter in. She tells Om that her personal servant has come. The guard tells Gauri to wait in the hall. She is blown away by the wealth of the Oberoi’s. The guard says that Svetlana is calling you upstairs. Om (Kunal Jaisingh) tells Svetlana that he wants a grand wedding for them. He says he wants to accept her before the world. He says let us take out a date and plan nicely at leisure. Svetlana asks do you really want to marry me? Om says initially I did not feel so but now I feel you are perfect. The guard tells Gauri that madam is with sir. He says they will be married soon. Gauri remembers her marriage and thinks Svetlana is fortunate. Om thanks her for giving time saying now they can plan peacefully. They hug each other. Svetlana thinks do not take me for a fool. She says I know you are planning something. Om says I am glad you gave me the time, now I can plan to expose you. The guard takes Gauri inside. She spots Om and is stunned. He too sees her. Gauri admires herself in the mirror. Jhanvi is struggling with her earrings and Svetlana goes and calls her mom. Jhanvi gets annoyed. She says you are my husband’s mom so like my mother. Jhansi says you are shameless beyond words. She says you are talking like a typical saas. Jhanvi tells her to spare Om. She says you took away my husband and home but I will not leave you if you look at my sons. Svetlana says Om is in love with me. Angrily, Jhanvi goes to the kitchen to make tea.

Gauri comes inside and struggles to hide her identity as a girl before Svetlana. She introduces herself as Chulbul Sharma, a Salman Khan fans and lists down the work she can do. She does not get the job as Svetlana finds her of low standard. Jhanvi switches on the gas and her hand is burnt. Om and Rudra rush to the kitchen. There, the servants apply ointment to Jhanvi’s hand. Gauri tells them to put water on her burns. Svetlana tells her to get out. However, Gauri throws water on her and gets thrown out.

Later, Svetlana tells Om that she has been told to go. Om tells her that he has to thank the servant as his idea prevented the infection. He tells her to give her the job.