Dil Bole Oberoi starts with Kaali (Rahul Dev) telling Om (Kunal Jaisingh) that he took away his land and bride. He says I want them both. Kaali says the deal is cancelled. Om says it is impossible. He says no one will give you Rs 1,200 crores for that land. Tej (Mahesh Thakur) walks in and says I can give you that much money. He says I hope you met my business partner, Kaali Thakur. Om says it is my land. Tej says you did not get the land registered and now it is my land. He tells Kaali to get out of the room. Kaali thinks I will kill you Om for murdering my brother and snatching Gauri, my weakness.

Svetlana (Reyhna Sharma) tells a maid that she was not aware that Om’s friend is Tej’s business partner. He asks a maid if he is hot looking. The maid says he is very handsome. Jhanvi (Mreenal Deshraj) tells Om that she heard how Tej cancelled Om’s deal with Kaali Thakur. She says I asked for 2,000 crore and Tej is accumulating money for our divorce. She falls down in tears saying he will get the alimony and divorce me. Om says I will not let this divorce happen at any cost. He says your son is with you under any circumstances. Chulbul (Shrenu Parikh) sees this.

Svetlana thinks I must meet this Kaali and announce my wedding date. She says I have a long association with word Kaali. Angrily, Om breaks a glass and his hand bleeds. He says I cannot see my mom cry at any cost. He says Kaali Thakur is our own enemy. Om says Tej, my father is my biggest enemy. He is siding with him. Om thinks I wish I had not met that characterless girl because of whom I got into a fight with Kaali. He says I hate her. He says Chulbul you don’t know how much I hate her. Chulbul weeps and thinks my fate is bad. Om says you can share my unhappiness but cannot understand it. Om tells Chulbul to leave him alone. Chulbul cries thinking how much Om hate Gauri.

Tej is signing papers and says now we are business partners. Kaali and Tej decide to have a drink. Tej tells Chulbul to get two glasses. He brings them with his hands shaking. Kaali says something precious is there in Mumbai, I came to get it. In fright, Chulbul drops the glasses. Tej scolds him for being inattentive. Chulbul bends down to pick up the glass pieces. Kaali grabs Chulbul’s hand and says your hands are like a girl. He says you are so feminine. Tej says what are you trying to see, he is a girl. Kaali says undoubtedly he is a girl. Chulbul runs away scared as Kaali keeps looking at him. Svetlana tells Tej that she is looking very happy. Tej says I proved Om and you wrong, I took 1,200 crore from Om. She thinks Om is now jobless and I won’t get 100 crores. She thinks of cancelling wedding with Om.

She tells Tej that she was only doing love drama with Om to make him jealous. Tej says I knew you would come to me. Tej introduces Svetlana to Kaali Thakur. She recognises him. Kaali says women get speechless seeing me. Tej tells Svetlana to shake Kaali’s hand. He says your hands are cold and I feel I can recognise your eyes. Tej says Svetlana will be my wife soon. Svetlana tells Kaali we haven’t met before. He says your eyes remind me of someone. He smells her and says I recognise this scent. She gets nervous.