Dil Bole Oberoi starts Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) telling Chulbul (Shrenu Parikh) that he will drink the juice. Chulbul gets worried, takes the glass from his hand and finishes it. He says forgive me and says I will leave now. Om says if you wanted me juice, you could have asked me instead of this drama. He tells Chulbul to bring a fresh glass of juice. Chulbul thinks why I am not dying when the mouse passed away instantly. Jhanvi (Mreenal Deshraj) touches her shoulder and hugs her. Buamaa (Sushmita Mukherjee) comes there and says we were testing you and we are happy to say that you passed with flying colours. A flashback is shown where Buamaa puts pins in Om’s drink. Jhanvi says I am sorry Gauri, I misunderstood you. She says you are his perfect shield. She asks Chulbul wasn’t she scared to drink it? Gauri says I have dedicated my life to him and where there is faith, there is no place for fear. She says Om has saved my mother’s life too. Gauri says as long as I am alive, nothing will happen to Om. Kaali Thakur (Rahul Dev) says Om your days are numbered now. He remembers how he saved Gauri and took away the land. Kaali Thakur says I will snatch everything from you.

Chulbul has changed into Gauri in the room and Jhanvi gifts her the jadau necklace. Jhanvi says this is your right. Gauri says a bahu has only duties (farz) but it is a wife who has adhikaar (rights). She says bless me, so that my association with this house is an ever-lasting one. Kaali Thakur thinks only I have a right on Gauri. He enters the mansion and asks the servant where is the mistress of the house. Jhanvi tells Buamaa that we should tell Om that Gauri is Chulbul. She says please do not disclose this as he will start hating me. She says as Chulbul I can be his friend, I can protect him. They are talking when Kaali Thakur walks in. He asks can I enter in. Gauri thinks it is Kaali Thakur’s voice and is frightened. Gauri thinks she cannot show him her face. Buamaa says people are mannerless. After making an entry, they seek permission.

Kaali says he is Om’s friend and wanted to meet him but when he could not see him, he thought of meeting his wife. Buaama says what sort of friend are you who does not know that he is still unmarried. Buamaa sends Gauri away. Outside, Gauri shivers in fright. She thinks what to do now? Om walks upstairs and servant says a friend has come who is seated in Buamaa’s room. Gauri is running through the corridor when she sees Om walking towards her. They collide and tries to run away. Om holds her dupatta and she stops. Gauri hides her face as he walks towards her. She runs away and he tells her to stop. He asks if I am not mistaken you are the girl from the Jagrata. She says yes I came to collect money. He says you left something behind. Om gets her payal but she has already left the place. Gauri thinks she had a lucky escape. Buamaa tells Kaali Thakur that he has a dark sense of humour.

Om gets inside and sees Kaali Thakur. He is surprised. Thakur says you look shocked like you saw a dead man. He says won’t you hug me. Kaali embraces him and says I was dying to see you. He says I feel like hugging you so hard that I can suffocate you to death. Kaali says shut up or else I will expose your secrets. Om says show dare you enter my home. Kaali says some of my stuff is at your place. He says I want Gauri Sharma. Kaali says don’t force me to hunt, give her to me. Om says plays games that you can win. He says this is my home and you better be beware. Kaali says I have cancelled the Bareilly deal as you took away the land and the girl. He says I want the girl and the land.