What was Dhanush doing on the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court? Turns out, he was summoned to court on Tuesday, by the Madras High bench Court to verify Kathiresan and Meenakshi, an elderly couple’s claim that he’s their biological son. As per reports in The Hindu, The couple in question have stated that the actor has two birth marks – a mole on his right collar bone, a scar on his right forearm. As of today, the judge has issued an order to verify these identification marks on his body by a government doctor. The case has been adjourned to Thursday until the receipt of the actor’s report makes its way into court. As per latest update, the identification process is under way. Dean of Rajaji Hospital in Madurai is present here with his team. Also Read: Dhanush in legal trouble after couple claims he’s their son – read SHOCKING details!

Earlier, the actor filed a petition to squash the case, but the judge refused to give in. His counsel then asked the court to exempt the actor from personal appearance considering he might be on the move because of his shooting schedules. In that case, the judge stated that he produce before court, copies of his passport, his visa copy and the air tickets proving when he started and left. When the couple filed a counter affidavit, against Dhanush’s affidavit where eh denied their claim, the judge passed the order.

According to the couple, filing an affidavit will not prove that the person in question does not have those identification marks. They also believe there is possibility of someone tampering with those marks now that the person concerned know of it. They have also accused the actor of producing a false birth certificate and ration card.

As for Dhanush he has stated he is son of R. Krishnamoorthy and K. Vijayalakshmi, was born on July 28, 1983, in Chennai and brought here, as opposed to the couple’s claims that he was born and brought up in Madurai and that he elft for Chennai in 2002 to pursue films. Dhanush was earlier called R.K. Vengadesha Prabhu. But both his father and he changed their names

My father changed his name from R. Krishnamoorthy to R. Kasthoory Raja. I changed my name from R.K. Vengadesha Prabhu to K. Dhanush,” he said and produced documents to substantiate his claim. He also had a copy of a ration card issued to his family in 2005. He also mentioned his brother  Selva Raghavan was a renowned film maker.