Who doesn’t love babies? We constantly see actors, actresses goofing around with kids where Salman Khan has even won the title of being ‘Bachchon Ka Bhaijaan’ for he is so obsessed with kids. But on a serious note, there are quite a few single actresses who are eventually considering to get married only because they are longing to have babies. Yes, if you have been following Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut’s recent interviews, you would realise how all three actresses are desperately wanting to become mothers. Kangana has even admitted how her maternal instincts have already started kicking in and that she needs to settle down and start a family soon. Here’s decoding their ‘baby love’ statements, one by one…

Deepika Padukone


Hell broke loose when Deepika, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show went on to confess how she has ‘amazing babies’ with Vin Diesel. She obviously meant in the jest of it but she actually put it out saying, “Well, there is no smoke without fire! But, it’s all in my head! So yeah, I mean in my head I think, like yeah, we are together and we have this amazing chemistry, and we live together and we have these amazing babies! But it’s all in my head.” Although that passed as a joke but her obsession for babies didn’t end there. Later, she made another confession as she said “The one thing I’ve got to do before I die is definitely have lots of babies. That’s what I want to do.”

Deepika is 31, successful, independent and in a relationship with Ranveer Singh(at least that’s what the world can see). While it’s left to see when does she get married to Singh. It’s indeed good that she at least is wanting to start a family soon and is pretty much kicked about having lots of babies in future. No wonder Ranveer tagged her as the ‘perfect marriage material’ on Koffee With Karan 5.

Priyanka Chopra

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“When there is a ring on the finger, the world will know. I believe you are single until you are married.” said Priyanka when she was asked about getting married on Koffee With Karan 5. A pretty cliched statement that everyone uses to hide their relationship statuses. But PC, who as per records is very much single, is really wanting to get married just so that she can have babies. We broke down her statements since 2014 and realised how she has been hinting about wanting to start a family, since forever now…

Where the 34-year old actress once said, “I want as many children as I can. I love kids. Love, love kids. I prefer their company to the company of adults, actually. There’s this another interview where she also made it clear, “I don’t need a man for anything but children.” Cut to 2017, when a reporter further quizzed her about marriage and what are her thoughts on motherhood, she prodded, “Why does that have to be far? What if I have a baby this year? You never know. I surprise myself. I am a nomad like that. You could call me a hippie child. My life is what I feel at that moment and at that particular time.” Well, now doesn’t that sum it up for you?

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Priyanka’s Instagram profile too is proof that she LOVES babies. She has been posting tons of videos/pictures with her newborn nephews, watching them sleep, feeling their little fingers, cuddling them – it’s almost like Priyanka is longing for motherhood. Guess, it’s really about time for her…

Kangana Ranaut


Forget her past, her rumoured affairs and all the troubles she has faced in her love life. Kangana, like any other woman, wants to start afresh and have her own family. While the 30-year old actress admits she has finally found her Mr right. She’s also confessed about her maternal instincts as she recently said, “I think I have been fairly independent, but when you are in your late twenties, somewhere your maternal instincts start kicking in and you start to get that feeling very badly: ‘I want to have babies’.’ I never thought I would talk like this, but it gets really hard not to share it. I am hoping to see that day.”

Well on that note, all we can do is only wish luck to these ladies on fulfilling their dream of having ‘lots of babies’. Your thoughts?