A few days ago, a commercial of Deepika Padukone, having a gala time in an elevator with a housekeeping staff while gulping down an aerated drink, went viral. The actress and the guy in the video had a great time dancing when their lift suddenly comes to a halt. Now, the brand is not new to India. Many celebs have endorsed it. Shah Rukh Khan had promoted a rival brand for years too. But all of a sudden, trollers on social media felt that Deepika should be responsible enough to not glorify the drink that has been villified for its contents. (Also read: Good news! Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan to reunite for Vishal Bharadwaj’s next)

What people forgot to see here is that the video showed how Deepika, an actress, bonded with a housekeeping boy over a shared bottle of the drink. In fact, the self-discovery at the end of the commercial is perhaps the cutest one that we have seen. But of course, people were busy slamming her for doing an ad of such nature because such soft drinks aren’t good for health. We don’t understand why this sudden hue and cry over its unhealthy nature. It has been around since forever now. But first check out the video here

Now check out the comments

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There were some who took her side as well.

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We wonder if the brand will pull down this ad because Kendall Jenner’s commercial had to be pulled down for getting trolled on social media. But that was by their rival group. What do you think? Should Deepika’s ad be pulled down considering the many health hazards people are busy listing out since the commercial went public? Share your thoughts in the comments box below…