Finally, we’ve found a snap of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh together but what’s that there? They seemed pretty miffed on being clicked together. Just yesterday, we had reported to you that Singh skipped HT Most Stylish Award 2017 because Deepika was present. But hold your horses, it has nothing to do with rumours of their breakup, no! The reason why they have been avoiding being clicked together is because of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Yes, their Padmavati director. Thanks to the insane amount of hate for the film (even before the completion of the shoot), the director has given strict diktats for the couple to follow. And that clause means, not making public appearances together. Ouch! That explains all the solo outings they’ve had in the recent past. Anyway, incidentally, right after the news broke out, we’ve found a pic of the couple on social media!

This pic of DeepVeer is from the airport and as you can see, they’re clearly NOT happy with the snaps. Well, for obvious reasons! They’ve been told not to be clicked together and hence, they are upset. But while we can see the annoyance in their faces, what we should also notice is how they are actually making time for each other and ensuring that they do chill out together. Sweet, isn’t it? All the rumours can finally shut up because Bollywood’s hot couple are still an item and they are spending quality time together (even at odd places).

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Deepika and Ranveer spotted at the airport via @dnaafterhrs !

— Deepika’s Cupcake (@ROCKINGRAMLAL) March 28, 2017

It is quite unlike their persona as they’re usually the carefree kinds. At so many events and even on social media, Deepika and Ranveer have never shied away from showcasing love for each other. Although they have been told not to be spotted together by paparazzi, that doesn’t mean they can’t meet or hang out together. Oh no, SLB ain’t that cold hearted. In fact, he’s all for love! So they can meet and stuff, but they just will have to stay away from the eyes of the shutterbugs, which is difficult. Starring Shahid Kapoor also as one of the leads, Padmavati has been mired in a lot of controversies. Vandalism, attack on crew and much more has been faced by the film so far, which makes us wonder, how will Bhansali be able to complete the project?

Anyway, while we can worry about that later, now is the time to rejoice over the fact that all seems well between DeepVeer! Are you happy? Tell us in the comments box below. Stay tuned to this space for hot scoop and latest updates.