Dear Zindagi is already a success and it isn’t just because of Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt, although they are one of the prime reasons. In a failure infested Bollywood, the success of Dear Zindagi should be seen as a module for confirm profits. It’s all about knowing your audience, knowing the audience of the film. The film which was made at a controlled budget has already started to make profits in three days which is simply a masterstroke. We have figured out how the film managed to triumph so easily and when we reveal it to you, we are sure you will see what a brilliant plan this is.

#Controlled budget

Yes there is a Shah Rukh Khan in the film and yet its landing cost is something around 35-40 crore. And that’s exactly where the film is winning. Keeping a check on the budget is very important in present times what with the studio model crumbling badly. Such kind of films are the way forward where you know to serve entertainment within a stipulated budget. It also works that Gauri Shinde didn’t feel obliged to base her story in foreign locations, centering on Mumbai and Goa. (Also read: Dear Zindagi song Love You Zindagi club mix: This Alia Bhatt track is melodious but fails to create the magic of the original)

#Limited release

When you know your audience, you know how to target them. Makers of Dear Zindagi were well aware that the film will only play with the sensibilities of the multiplex goers and that too of the elitist variety. And hence, they released it in only 1200 screens. Murmurs also suggest that a few distributors weren’t really gung-ho about the film after watching it because truth be told it isn’t a regular massy Shah Rukh Khan film. The gamble paid off and despite limited screens, the film earned a good 32. 05 crore over the first weekend.

#Star power

Shah Rukh Khan is not only acting in the film but is also backing it. He is one of the co-producers of the film. Which means there is no cost involved to get a superstar. He came, sat, listened and conquered it all. His immense star power helped the film get the initial numbers. Obviously the test will be to see how the weekdays perform, but the opening weekend is all because of him which will make the producer in him really happy. Without over-indulging, Dear Zindagi is well on its way to make profits. (Also read: Aamir Khan wants to work with Shah Rukh Khan)

#Stick to the plot

Dear Zindagi was supposed to be a girl’s fight with her inner demons and Shinde made sure she stuck to the plot till the end. There’s a tendency in filmmakers to get carried away when they have a superstar in the cast but Shinde didn’t stray from the plot to get into any kind of gimmicks. That’s why you know what you are getting at the end of it. Gauri Shinde is known to keep a simple narrative with effective emotions on display and Dear Zindagi wasn’t an exception.

So we think all this helped the film become what it is today. Do you agree?