Recently BollywoodLife had an EXCLUSIVE chat with Oscars’ best film nominee star Sunny Pawar. The eight-year old has already created quite a frenzy among foreign press with his performance in the film as well as his appearance at various award shows that included Golden Globes. During the chat we talked about how new found stardom is treating him, what he liked about attending those events and in particular his favourite actor of Bollywood. While, for the way he’s been treated after his instant stardom, he very maturely said teacher’s don’t scold him now in school but nothing has changed for his friends and family. “Friends to friends rahenge na”(friends will be friends), he says. Similarly he says about family, that family will always be his family. All these things has nothing to do with me being a star. When asked about his favourite actor, he said he loves Ajay Devgn and especially Singham. He even went onto recite the famous dialogue from Singham, “Ata Maajhi Satakli”. In fact he told me that he wish he could meet Ajay Devgn. Also read: Oscar nominee Lion star Sunny Pawar prefers Dev Patel over Freida Pinto

Check out the trailer of the film below:

Not just Ajay Devgn, he also admires Hrithik Roshan and loves Krrish.  Sunny also revealed that he loves watching WWE and is a huge fan of Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, John Cena, The Rock etc. Though he wanted to watch the live show but couldn’t.
Talking about the international events he attended, he said he liked meeting people, waving hands at fans and loved watching films. He wants to continue acting and study simultaneously and would love to act in both Hindi and English films.