We know that very few can beat Arjun Rampal when it comes to the hotness. However, he is also an actor who likes to surprise us every now and then. Over the years, his choices have become more varied and his biopic, Daddy based on the life of dreaded underworld don, Arun Gawli is one such project. The first look of Daddy is out and we are shocked to see how closely the actor resembles the former ganglord with his look. (Also Read: Arjun Rampal’s Daddy teaser features Arun Gawli himself – watch video) 

It makes it very clear why Arjun was a natural choice. He has the lanky frame, deep-set eyes and chiselled jawline that defines Arun Gawli. The actor has grown his hair and unkempt style perfectly fits into the hippie looks of the 1970s-80s when Gawli was ascending in the rungs of Mumbai’s mafia. Arjun is wearing a vest with a loose shirt, the tapori look that has been made iconic in Bollywood over the years. The tagline reads, Daddy ….The Only One Who Did Not Run. We know that Gawli is the only underworld kingpin from that era who did not leave the country. Instead, he continued residing at his haunt of Byculla, which used to be his operational base. (Also Read: 12 hot pics of Arjun Rampal that will give you a hard time believing he turned 44 today!)

Besides Arjun’s uncanny look as Daddy, there is another big reason to be excited about the film. It is directed by Ashim Ahluwalia. The filmmaker’s project Miss Lovely won a lot of laurels internationally, including at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. It brought forth before the world the acting genius of Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Like Daddy, Miss Lovely too was set in the 1980s depicting the industry of the sleazy horrex films that ran along with mainstream Bollywood. We know that Ashim’s eye for detailing is bang on, so we can expect a lot of good stuff here as well. Moreover, he might just be the guy who will draw out a superlative performance from Arjun after Rock On.

Bollywood had earlier exclusively reported to you that the shoot of the film was under tight security. A major part of the shooting has been done at Versova’s fishing village near the jetty. Daddy is produced by Sangeeta Ahir, wife of political honcho Sachin Ahir. Incidentally, Sachin Ahir is Arun Gawli’s nephew. Fear, power, loyalty and a sense of rootedness were emotions that governed Gawli’s life. The film also explores a part of the city’s political history when the regional party had supreme power. Stay tuned to Bollywood Life for more updates….

Here it is guys the first look of #Daddy let me know your thoughts. #Daddy #Eros #Erosnow #comingsoon pic.twitter.com/R3J1QMkeRv

— arjun rampal (@rampalarjun) November 29, 2016