Chandra (Rajat Tokas) praises Nandni’s (Shweta Basu Prasad) gift and tells her that her gift was not just important to Raajmata but also to him. Nandni shares her moment with Nanda on his birthday with Chandra and tells him that Raajmata’s happy face reminded her of her dather. Roopa is breaking things in anger as Sunanda and Helena’s mother try to stop her. Roopa asks them to stop Nandni from going to the event as she will replace her to spoil her image. Helena’s mother cuts her palm with a knife identical to the one on Nandni’s palm. Chandra and Nandni bicker while getting ready for the event.

Nandni sees some kumkum fall on Chandra’s nose and makes fun of him. She starts mocking him as he forcefully rubs kumkum on her nose and runs away. Just then, Sunanda gives Nandni a potion and Nandni passes out instantly after drinking the potion. Durdhara asks Nandni (Roopa) to sit next to her but she ignores her and goes to drink some wine. Everyone is shocked to see her drink. Roopa then starts dancing with the dancers.She also pulls Malayketu to dance in front of everyone but he pushes her and goes back to his seat. (ALSO READ: ChandraNandni 27 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Chandra gets furious over Nandni’s gift to Raajmata)

Chandra looks at her angrily and walks towards her. Sunanda then comes forward and apologises on her behalf. She takes Roopa away as Helena is happy seeing everything. Sunanda and Roopa then bicker with each other for some time. Sunanda drags her quickly and hides as she sees Chandra walking towards them. Chandra wakes Nandni up and she wakes up high. She pulls him towards her and he asks her why she had to pull Malayketu or have wine. Nandni asks him to stop taking Malayketu’s name every time since she is his wife and she doesn’t like it.

Roopa is smiling over and happy with her plan as Sunanda comes and hits her asking her to wake up. Roopa attacks her back and warns her to never do this again. Nandni wakes up with a heavy head as Durdhara comes with a potion and forces it down her throat. Nandni is shocked to find out about what happened the other night. Nandni talks to Sunanda about everything who tells her that there must be something wrong with the medicine. She even stops Nandni from talking to Chaya or anyone else about it.

Later on, Chandra asks Nandni to drink and she refuses it. He tells her that he is tired of her changing behaviour and asks her to reveal her truth.